Saturday, December 24, 2016

Moore Happiness

We've made it through the craziness of the semester's end, holiday parties, and the ever-busy Clementine's antics, and now we're ready to settle down for some quality family time. There is more celebrating to do in the Month of Georgia, of course, but we enjoy the quiet time together as well. We wish all of you peace and joy in this special season, and thank you for bringing so much love and light to our lives. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

So Close

Thank you to all of our friends who called, tweeted, and shared pleas for passage of the STAR Act last week. We didn't quite get there this time around, but we'll be back at it in 2017. On average, it takes four years for a bill to get passed, so we are grateful for how far we've come in just 1.5 years. Kids fighting cancer never ever give up, and neither will we! 

Over the years, we've aligned ourselves with many childhood cancer organizations, all of which have the same goal - a cure for every kid, every time. Many of them have advocated for the passage of the STAR Act and similar legislation, and we're looking back at one in particular for today's moment to remember:

The Dynamic Duo

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Action Alert!

In GIGANTIC news, the STAR Act, the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever, passed the House yesterday! I watched the live feed, and hearing the powers-that-be talk about something so close to our hearts - on a national stage, no less - was really moving and left me feeling so hopeful. It was nice to see that gavel drop after the vote, but we have more work to do, and WE NEED YOU!

The entire childhood cancer community is working together to get the STAR Act signed by President Obama before the end of December. This bill will secure more effective treatments and research for childhood cancer patients and survivors, and we are closer than ever to making it a reality. So here's what you can do to help:

Click HERE to tweet your senators - now! You can enter your zip code, and their Twitter handles will be automatically added to your tweet. There is also suggested language to chose from, but basically we are asking them to support the STAR Act before they dismiss on Friday.

You can also call your senators - click HERE to find their Washington office numbers. If at all possible, talk to an actual staff member rather than leave a message. And if you want to give them a personal reason to support the STAR Act, feel free to mention this girl:

She's a true STAR act.


Sunday, December 4, 2016


This is our 600th post! We couldn't have imagined when we started this blog that we'd still be writing, and you'd still be reading, 600 posts later, but here we are - thank you for continuing to Keep Georgia on Your Mind!

For this big milestone post, we want to share one of our big announcements for the new year. After considering several cities from coast to coast, I'm thrilled to say that the next 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave will be in Austin! Yep, we are gonna boogie back to TEXAS! We hit our first million in 2013 in San Antonio, and now we'll hit our second in Austin this summer. We plan to Keep it Weird and BALD in the Live Music Capital of the World and continue our mission to fund the most promising childhood cancer research through the St. Baldrick's Foundation. More details to come, and we would love to see all of you at the big shave!
Georgia had a swim meet on this cold, rainy weekend, but she was all smiles and all SPEED! She won her heat in the 50 Freestyle and improved her time by a whole second - it was awesome! We are still so grateful that she decided to pursue swimming and the progress she's made in the past two-plus years has been incredible. Rumor has it that her hard work is going to pay off in another way this week in the form of a letter jacket! There's a special assembly on the calendar for tomorrow - pictures to come! Have a great week, y'all!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


And here we are again - back to the Month of Georgia! Twenty-nine and 30 days from now, we will be celebrating her 17th(!) birthday and marking seven years since her diagnosis. We will also be making a big announcement about our fundraising plans for next year! And then there are the little matters of mid-term exams, hosting three holiday parties and a spectacular birthday party, Christmas, a wedding anniversary, and New Year's Eve! 

But for today, we want to say thank you for your support on Giving Tuesday - and every day, really. With the help of generous donors like you, the St. Baldrick's Foundation raised over $72,000 - far surpassing the $50K goal! And the Georgia and the Peachy Keens Hero Fund is nearing $30K for the year and almost $140K since 2010! Those numbers are incredible and just make our hearts sing with gratitude. You have made such a difference in not only Georgia's life, but the lives of countless kids in the fight against cancer - now and in the future. We're adding that to our list of things to celebrate in the Month of Georgia! Thank you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Giving Tuesday

TODAY, you can give kids like Georgia the greatest gift of all - the gift of HOPE! Help us help the St. Baldrick's Foundation raise $50,000 for childhood cancer research in one day by supporting the Georgia and the Peachy Keens Hero Fund here. It would be an extra great way to mark the 29th of November ... five months to Official Cancer-Freedom! : )

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mighty Girls

While we may not have ended up with our first female president this election, I can assure you that the future of our country is in excellent female hands. Just look at what these Mighty Girls have been up to in the last two weeks:

Swimming in two new events with little advance notice
and rallying her team to improve their times

Standing up and singing out for girls' empowerment and The Malala
Fund, AND serving as a school ambassador at an anti-bullying conference

And being one of six students chosen out of 1,000 entries to have 
her editorial cartoon published by the New! York! Times!

Georgia was encouraged by her history teacher to enter the contest, and we knew nothing about it until she found out she was one of the winners. It is such a big honor, and we are so proud of her for peacefully and thoughtfully expressing her opinion through her art. Cheers to the artiste!

As we head toward the holiday later this week, we of course have much to reflect on and give thanks for. We are grateful for our happy, healthy family, our dear and supportive friends, and the marvelous country we get to live in, warts and all. We hope everyone has a bountiful feast and a joyous time spent with loved ones - Happy Thanksgiving!

And here are a few (of many!) moments to remember Georgia and Ivy being their mighty, mighty selves:

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tricks and Tweets

Here at Peachy Keens HQ, we love Halloween! This year, Georgia really took it up a notch with her totally original Ghostbusters costume! She made the whole thing and was a huge hit on the trick-or-treat circuit. Ivy was equally impressive as Elphaba from Wicked, and Trevor and I went as the Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox. Our neighborhood always goes all out, and even though the big day fell on a Monday this year, Georgia and Ivy declared it one of the best Halloweens ever - and they brought home their biggest candy haul ever!

The next day, I noticed that people were posting pictures of their Ghostbusters costumes on Twitter and tagging the director of the new movie, Paul Feig. So I did the same thing, and then this happened!

How cool is that?!

We also celebrated Trevor's birthday - with some help from Clementine ...

 Happy Birthday! Meow!

Yesterday, Georgia and Ivy volunteered to paint faces at the Parkside Fall Festival, and they both did an excellent job - we seem to have two great artists in the house! Georgia painted herself up like Eleven, a character from Stranger Things, which included a very convincing "nosebleed." It looked great but made for some interesting pictures when we got home and surprised her with Adele tickets for an early birthday present!!!

The show was last night, and the Fabulous Adele was even more fabulous than we were expecting. She was genuine and funny and of course, so powerful - it was an incredible night! Georgia was completely surprised, and she and I had such a fun time - me and my girl who will be 17 in a few weeks!!!

Before then, we have an election to get through, so if you haven't exercised your right yet, please get out to vote on Tuesday! Have a great week, friends!


Saturday, October 29, 2016

T Minus 6!

SIX MONTHS from today, Georgia will be Officially Cancer-FREE! We're really in the homestretch now, and it's so exciting to to be so close! We went to San Antonio today to visit Lolly, who is still recovering from her shoulder replacement surgery, and we celebrated with a delicious Italian dinner. Before we know it, we'll be whooping it up on April 29th with all of our Friends of Georgia - and we can't wait!

Celebrating life, love, and bionic shoulders - 
we love you Lolly and Poppa!

Today and every day, we are grateful for Georgia's victory, and we know it's due in large part to her incredible treatment team - especially our hero, Dr. Neff. Another wonderful moment to remember:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Big and Little and Everything in Between

August 30, 2009 - Four months and a day before diagnosis

Looking back on the last six-plus years, many moments stand out, but not necessarily just the "big" ones. Over Georgia's 28 months of treatment and her almost FIVE years of survivorship, we've enjoyed the little moments every bit as much as the big ones, and we're grateful for all of them. Here's one of each - some sweet letters Georgia received from school children and then one very special letter from a very special school.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Meet the Press

Georgia had a great weekend at the journalism conference - thank you to everyone who supported her fundraising efforts! After two days of sessions and competitions, she got Honorable Mention in Headline Writing! And because the girls missed the Homecoming Dance to go to the conference, the journalism teacher hosted "JOCO '16" at the hotel pool for them. They did get to attend the Homecoming Pep Rally and Cookout on Friday, though, and the school gave a big shout-out to the mighty ARS Swim Team - Go Stars!

On Sunday, I was pinch hitting for Georgia at a college presentation for Tulane University and got lots of good info to share with her. We're looking forward to heading back to NOLA this spring to visit one of our favorite places and check out the school in person.

It's interesting that Georgia is so involved in journalism at school because over the past six years, she has done quite a few interviews for print, radio, and television. Here's one for today's moment to remember, which also recalls a very, very special moment in Georgia's journey. Read all about it. : )

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week in Review

Well, Miss Georgia had quite a busy week here in Austin, Texas! Besides a full school schedule, she went to a concert with her dad on Wednesday, then swim meets Friday and Saturday, and the ACL Music Festival on Sunday. Luckily, she had the day off today to catch up on sleep and get ready for the school week. And thankfully, she is feeling great and had the stamina to keep up with everything and everyone!

The ARS Swimming Stars!

This week, she is preparing for a journalism conference in San Antonio - and she is fundraising for the trip! For a $5 donation, you will receive the gratitude of the Creative Writing Editor for The Polaris Press and a pack of four notecards featuring her photography. If you'd like to support her, please message me on Facebook or comment below with your email address. Thank you!

Have a great week, Friends of Georgia!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Up, Up, and Away

We closed out September and welcomed October with a bang this weekend - as we always do since October 1 is Miss Ivy's birthday! Her day started with the traditional cake in bed and scavenger hunt, and then we all enjoyed a day of fun together, followed by a great party - and another scavenger hunt! - with sweet school friends. The highlight for me was our trek up Mt. Bonnell, where we sent 13 balloons to the heavens, full of good wishes for Ivy's bright future, just like we did when Georgia turned 13. A special day for another special girl!

 Sparkle on, Ivy Francis!

One of our stops was the Texas Teen Book Festival, where Ivy wanted to pick up a book and Georgia and I enjoyed an appearance by comedy writer and author, Mindy Kaling. She was funny, of course, but also so kind and smart, and I'm glad our own budding writer was there for some great inspiration.

As for my own writing and the inspiration behind it, I want to share one final note for this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - my piece from Listen to Your Mother. Please listen and know that our story is very similar to the 25,000 that are beginning this month and next month and the next ... Please, please be aware every month, and take action with us to end childhood cancer. Thank you, friends!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

T Minus 7 Months!

It's the 29th! Seven months from today, Georgia will be Officially Cancer-Free! Just thinking about that is so exciting, but you know what else is exciting? Getting to order your letter jacket!!!

What a milestone!

When we think about what Georgia has done, in and out of school, these special moments are that much sweeter. And as time marches on, and graduation draws closer, there will be more special moments and more milestones to celebrate - and we are so grateful for every one.

We're also busy preparing for another big day this weekend - Ivy's 13th birthday! How that baby is a teenager already, I'll never figure out, but boy, she is a special, special girl! We've got plans to celebrate her and do it up right, but for now, let's look back at her first birthday after Georgia's diagnosis. Her 7th. She was - and is - a Super Sib, indeed.

Super Sister

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Our first Fado Austin Shave for the Brave is done! It was a success, lots of fun, and hopefully, the start of something big. We finished up just before the rain poured down, but other than that, everything went off without a hitch, and just like with every St. Baldrick's event I've ever been to, the crowd was very complimentary, inspired, and asking how they can help. Mission accomplished! Officially, that was our last event for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and 2016 as a whole, but ... never say never ...! 

Today's moment to remember takes us back to our first September since Georgia's diagnosis and one of our first charitable events - the Austin CureSearch Walk. It just so happened to fall on the same day of our ice cream social, marking Georgia's transition to maintenance. Now that was a party!

*Good Health!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Funds + Research = Cures

If you'll recall, last summer, I had the honor of informing a research doctor in Seattle that the Georgia and the Peachy Keens Hero Fund had funded her study on relapsed ALL. That was a such a good day! And again, it couldn't have been possible without your generous support and donations.

Recently, we received a report from St. Baldrick's and an email from Dr. Summers herself updating us on her progress and plans for the future. It is quite something to be able to see exactly where all of our dollars and hard work are going and to see that Dr. Summers is already answering questions and making a difference for children facing this diagnosis. Here's my favorite part of her email:

I have a picture of Georgia posted at my desk and use it as a reminder of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to care for pediatric patients like her.  It's also a constant motivator as I continue to push my research project forward in Georgia’s honor.  

Wonderful! Thank you, Dr. Summers, for keeping Georgia, and all kids in the fight, on your mind. And thank you, St. Baldrick's, for giving us a way to be part of the science, part of the hope, and ultimately, part of the cure.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

All Good Things

Wednesday was Back-to-School Night at Ann Richards, and Trevor and I got a workout as we had to divide and conquer two schedules! I love meeting the new teachers and seeing the great work all of the girls are doing. We never take for granted the attention and opportunities Georgia and Ivy are receiving at this amazing school, and we're beyond proud of everything they've accomplished. They both volunteered at the Visual Arts Booster Club table, featuring coloring pages of Georgia's winning design for the 10th Anniversary t-shirt!

Yesterday, Georgia and I also volunteered at a free heart screening for student athletes, sponsored by the Championship Hearts Foundation. This non-profit is focused on the prevention of sudden cardiac death by screening young athletes for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and other cardiac abnormalities. About 300 local teens were screened, including Georgia, and we're happy to report that her heart is perfectly healthy and swim training-ready! Check the CHF website for more information and for screenings throughout the state.

Even though we're halfway through September, in Texas, it's still swim weather, so we spent some time in the pool today, celebrating good news, good health, and good things to come. Have a good week, y'all. xo

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Solid GOLD!

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Kendra Scott is going GOLD with us for two special events! This Friday, September 16th, and next Friday, September 23rd, I'll be playing hostess at a local store from 6-8 pm, and 20% of purchases made during these events will benefit the St. Baldrick's Foundation and childhood cancer research! The jewelry is beautiful, and these events are a beautiful way to make a difference for our beautiful kids!

Out-of-town friends who would like to support us can take a look at the website and then phone in their orders during the events. Thanks so much!

Phone for the Lamar store: 512-879-3422 

Phone for the South Congress store: 512-354-4737

In choosing each Moment to Remember as we count down to Georgia's Official Cancer-Freedom, I get lost in re-reading old posts, especially those when she was still in the thick of treatment, when she was missing her beloved school. That was one of many big sacrifices our girl had to make, so seeing this post, and that smile, today was really, really lovely. Thanks for looking back with us!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Viva Las Everything

Tonight in Las Vegas, Criss Angel is hosting a huge fundraiser for childhood cancer in honor of his son, Johnny. Even bigger news is that the St. Baldrick's Foundation is one of the beneficiaries AND a 46 Momma from the original class of 2010 is shaving her head on stage as part of the event!

The Las Vegas community is so supportive of these events, so it will certainly be a success. As a preview and promotion for tonight's show, Criss released this video, which is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful.

Speaking of Vegas, our 46 Mommas Lucky 7 Shave in July was such a great event and a great time for everyone - I have to say it was my favorite Momma shave! There is truly something in the air at McMullan's Irish Pub, and the positive energy just radiates throughout the whole place. It was a special day for new and returning Mommas alike, and I'm thrilled to report that we have passed $1.9 million and are on our way to $2 million! We also got the honor of holding the $34 million sign to recognize the year-to-date total raised by all events for the St. Baldrick's Foundation. The Peachy Keens will be adding to that with four events over the next two weeks, so look out $35 million - here we come! For now, here are some favorite pictures of our Lucky 7 Shave. Thanks for your support, and Viva Las Mommas!

Alyson with the clippers - again!

Bekah and I celebrating our third time shaving together.

 The amazing McMullan's crew!

Joining the Knights of the Bald Table as
Dame Courtney the Unbreakable, Maker of Mischief and Mirth, Daughter of the Lone Star, 
Mother of Brilliant Lights, Sister of the Brave 46, Weaver of Words, Teller of Tales, 
and Hopeful Citizen of a World without Childhood Cancer.

 My fellow Knights.

That's all, folks!

Until next time, Mommas!