Monday, October 3, 2016

Up, Up, and Away

We closed out September and welcomed October with a bang this weekend - as we always do since October 1 is Miss Ivy's birthday! Her day started with the traditional cake in bed and scavenger hunt, and then we all enjoyed a day of fun together, followed by a great party - and another scavenger hunt! - with sweet school friends. The highlight for me was our trek up Mt. Bonnell, where we sent 13 balloons to the heavens, full of good wishes for Ivy's bright future, just like we did when Georgia turned 13. A special day for another special girl!

 Sparkle on, Ivy Francis!

One of our stops was the Texas Teen Book Festival, where Ivy wanted to pick up a book and Georgia and I enjoyed an appearance by comedy writer and author, Mindy Kaling. She was funny, of course, but also so kind and smart, and I'm glad our own budding writer was there for some great inspiration.

As for my own writing and the inspiration behind it, I want to share one final note for this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - my piece from Listen to Your Mother. Please listen and know that our story is very similar to the 25,000 that are beginning this month and next month and the next ... Please, please be aware every month, and take action with us to end childhood cancer. Thank you, friends!

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