Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Best Day

Seventeen years ago, Georgia Lee Moore came bounding into this world to the sounds of Willie Nelson's version of "Georgia On My Mind." The crowd in the delivery room sighed in unison as the Lone Star State's favorite son welcomed its newest daughter, and we've been keeping her on our minds and in our hearts ever since.

Ten years and one day later, she was diagnosed with cancer, and we adopted that phrase as our mantra to keep Georgia and all kids fighting cancer on everyone's mind. We learned a lot, we gave thanks for Georgia's daily victories, and we made it our mission to help other families who landed in CancerWorld just as inexplicably as we did.

Seven years and four months later, Georgia is Officially Cancer-Free. Today, we have the privilege of celebrating her - a happy, healthy girl with a strong body, a giant heart, a bright smile, and even brighter mind. She is a survivor and a ray of hope for other kids in the fight. She beat cancer and is poised to take on the world. She is a champion!

Go get it, baby girl - we love you so much.

Friday, April 28, 2017

One Day More

We're channeling one of Poppa's favorite musicals tonight as we prepare for the BIG DAY tomorrow! One more day! One day more! or One day MOORE! : )

We started this party weekend off right tonight with a reception for Ivy's award-winning poem, "Pearl Whiskers," which is about the albino catfish she caught at camp this summer. A college art student then created a piece inspired by the poem, and Ivy got a cool poster of it, along with some other prizes. GG came to town for all of the festivities, and today happens to also be her 99th birthday! We do that a lot around here - double- and triple-up our celebrations! 

Tomorrow, of course, is THE DAY, and as tired as I should be from the past month of non-stop action, I may hardly sleep tonight! We've got a great party, the blood drive, and a special dinner to round out the day, and we'll be giving thanks at every turn. In order to move forward, it helps to look back, so we'll leave you with these final three moments to remember - from the last April 29th we celebrated in style. Thank you, Friends of Georgia! See you tomorrow!!!

Georgia, Champion of the World


APRIL 29TH in Pictures 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

3-2-1 ...

THREE days until April 29th! Incredible! It's such an accomplishment - and a privilege - for Georgia to get to this point, and of course, we are so excited and grateful! This month has been a flurry of activity, for Georgia and Ivy both, but we're getting our second wind looking toward the weekend.

We went to the clinic yesterday to deliver some MaxLove goodies, and although Dr. Neff wasn't there, we did get to catch up with Nurse Dina. We have spent so much time there, it always feels kind of like coming "home," but it's so good to have moved on! Georgia has at least one more survivorship appointment and then it might be a long time before we go back to that building, so we took a good look around and said hi to everyone while we were there. We can never say thank you enough for all that they have done for Georgia!

Two other really cool things happened this week - one is that, after 8 years of fundraising, the 46 Mommas have raised over $2 MILLION for childhood cancer research! I am so proud to have been a part of the team for the last six years, and I can't wait to see everyone at our Austin shave this summer! It's an amazing, FIERCE group of women, and we are getting it done for all of the kids! Don't Mess with Mommas!

The other cool thing is this wonderful interview Georgia did with Inside Edition! The best part about all of this is every bit of it was her idea. She decided to shave, she agreed to share her story, and she continues to take more and more ownership of her experience every day. Watching her grow stronger in every way is a beautiful thing! Enjoy!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bald Belle of the Ball

Prom Night! Last night, Georgia and her gaggle attended the Junior-Senior Prom, and from the looks of the pictures, they had a blast! Unfortunately, I missed all of the festivities because I was hosting our dear Parkside Community School's 25th Anniversary party - all the things are in April this year! Trevor took over the pre-prom getting ready and chauffeur duties, and I got some of the details this morning. More to come after Georgia finishes a full day of shooting her film project! Again - literally, All. The. Things!

The pictures I've seen so far show that Georgia did exactly what she intended to do after shaving her head a week ago - Rock the Bald! Her dress sparkled nearly as much as her smile, and I love that she got to have such a special night with such special friends. But next year, I am NOT missing the prom!

Look at our girl shine:

I'd say she had a good time, right? And there are more good times to be had - specifically, this Saturday, APRIL 29TH! We're looking forward to the party, the blood drive, and most of all, Georgia's Official Cancer-Freedom! We hope you can join us!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Georgia Braves the Shave

Two SUPER Survivors - Georgia and Keagan!

 Before shot with Poppa - he's a three-time shavee and Squire of Hope!

 The Mighty Peachy Keens!

In the zone ...

Let the buzzing begin!

I have a thousand baby pictures of this exact look. *pang*

A lot going on behind these eyes - listening intently to her story being read ...

 Finishing up, and exhaling.



Media queen - she rocked it.

"It feels so weird!"

Thank you, Ezra, for braving the shave!

Cueball Peachy Keens!

 They're going to be doing that a lot for the next few weeks. Speaking from experience.

All smiles!

 Ann Richards Stars in the house! Thank y'all for the great pictures!

 After with Keagan. Georgia's head matches Barbie's.

The Unstoppable, Amazing Becky Nichols!

Minis & Friends posing and passing out smooches.


Shine on, my love.

Clinic friends Caren and Rhea

After with Poppa.

After with Mr. Smith, Georgia's art teacher.

The gang's all here! And look at their awesome t-shirts!

Lolly and Poppa love their girls.

Sister Power! Two shavees!

I had to. And I need a haircut.

 All the feelings this day. Thank you, everyone, for the love!

And don't forget - Georgia will be fundraising through the end of the year! Click HERE to donate. Also, keep an eye out for a possible third run of her "Lucky Charms" t-shirt! Have a great weekend!