Monday, November 15, 2010

Super Sister

Ivy is participating in a wonderful program for siblings of kids in treatment called Super Sibs. She eagerly anticipates her monthly letters and emails of encouragement, plus the occasional package containing special treats like a Super Sib pillowcase. She takes great pride in her trophy and bead necklace and decided to incorporate them into her annual birthday picture this year.

As hard as Georgia has worked throughout her treatment, Ivy has held her hand and supported her every step of the way, and we are so very proud of her. Thank you, Super Sibs, for recognizing and celebrating these amazing children and their own unique journeys.

To learn more about this important program, which was recently awarded Community Impact project funding from LIVESTRONG, please visit their site here.


  1. And I was trying to make it through today without weeping... way to go, people. Super Sibs-- what a great program recognizing great siblings like IVY! She is fantastic. The picture is beyond fantastic-- beautiful and justifiably proud and just wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.

    Now I have to go and find tissues.

  2. Ivy you are such a special girl ! Georgia could not have a sweeter or more caring sister. I watched you always putting Georgia first and
    making this time easier for everyone. You have made me so proud . Love lolly

  3. That's our girl.We did not need a prize to let us know what a GREAT AND HELPFUL sister Georgia was blessed to get. Lolly and Pappa will come Saturday and go see Nelson sing on Sunday.I will try to make you a flip movie but there will be a crowd ....I will give it a try.Love you.....Misssss you. Aunt Shearin