Thursday, September 29, 2016

T Minus 7 Months!

It's the 29th! Seven months from today, Georgia will be Officially Cancer-Free! Just thinking about that is so exciting, but you know what else is exciting? Getting to order your letter jacket!!!

What a milestone!

When we think about what Georgia has done, in and out of school, these special moments are that much sweeter. And as time marches on, and graduation draws closer, there will be more special moments and more milestones to celebrate - and we are so grateful for every one.

We're also busy preparing for another big day this weekend - Ivy's 13th birthday! How that baby is a teenager already, I'll never figure out, but boy, she is a special, special girl! We've got plans to celebrate her and do it up right, but for now, let's look back at her first birthday after Georgia's diagnosis. Her 7th. She was - and is - a Super Sib, indeed.

Super Sister

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