Saturday, March 12, 2011

The STARS at Night ... Part One

Hello all! SO much to tell you! Wonderful, exciting things! First off, the Fado St. Baldrick's event on Saturday was a great success, raising over $50,000! In fact, here's Georgia's eyewitness report:

Hi guys! Well, we had a ball at the St. Baldrick's Fado event. It all started with a ride in a totally decked-out, balloon-covered float, simply dripping with streamers! We rode on down to Fado, humming to the tune of Espada, a pipe and drum band made up of emergency services workers (firefighters, police officers, EMTs). When our little parade arrived at Fado, we were pumped, and very thirsty! Everyone hustled inside and got some drinks. We hung around for a bit then went to have lunch (The Spaghetti Warehouse is highly recommended!). When we got back to Fado, it was almost time for us to speak (I don't know if you know this, but my mom was asked to say a few words about St. Baldrick's). We still had a few minutes though, and we saw a woman there face-painting. Now you see our brilliant plan! After Ivy and I got our faces painted, Mommy said her speech. It was really and truly great. Well, those are the highlights, folks - I'll write y'all soon! : )-)

Lolly joined us on the float


View of the Capitol from our float

Face paint!

It was a really fun day. And it got even better! We had been anxiously waiting to hear if Georgia had been accepted to the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders for 6th grade, and a big fat envelope was sitting in our mailbox when we got home Saturday afternoon. And the answer is ... YES! She's officially a Star!

The letter says, "Georgia Moore - Congratulations. You are now an Ann Richards Girl. Class of 2018!" She is so excited, but it's a little bittersweet, since she'll be leaving her beloved Parkside a year early. The good news is, Ivy will be there, so Georgia will still be a part of the community, and I know her teachers and friends are very excited for her to have this wonderful opportunity. Goodness knows, she deserves it!

Monday morning, we headed out to Ft. Davis, Texas and the McDonald Observatory - to see, of course, more stars! A trip report and pictures to follow in Part Two!

And don't forget - St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and St. Baldrick's on Saturday! Please donate! : )


  1. oh those beautiful smiles bring tears to my eyes every post! I really like the face painting swirlies!

    Also, yay on raising so much money!!!

  2. Congratulations all around, that is great!!

  3. Way to go Georgia...what a great accomplishment getting into the school. Can't wait to hear all about it!

    The Bacons