Thursday, July 16, 2015

We Did It!

"We" as in ALL of us - all Friends of Georgia who have shaved in her honor, volunteered at or attended events, or donated to our efforts in support of the St. Baldrick's Foundation since we began this journey over five years ago - we did it! We have funded a childhood cancer research grant with the Georgia and the Peachy Keens Hero Fund!!!

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to share the good news with the doctor whose research we have chosen to support, and today, the 2015 Summer Grants were announced via the video below. Dr. Corrine Summers is a St. Baldrick's Fellow at Seattle Children's Hospital who is doing great work in treating relapsed ALL with engineered cord blood donor T cells that specifically target and eliminate leukemia cells. As we've said many times here, we strongly believe that immunotherapy is the future of cancer treatment, and we are beyond thrilled to be directly involved in bringing this Big Science and Big, BIG Hope to kids who are running out of options in their fight with leukemia. We can't wait to see where this research will go, and we look forward to meeting Dr. Summers and thanking her in person for her dedication to helping kids like Georgia. 

It's been a big day for everyone within and without the St. Baldrick's Foundation, and one of the most special for our family. Today, more than $21 million was pumped into the childhood cancer research pipeline in the form of 70 grants in 48 states and 11 countries. HUGE. So huge, that "thank you" seems incredibly inadequate. But we do thank you and love you all for your generous support and continued commitment to Keepin' Georgia on Your Mind. We are moving mountains, y'all.

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