Sunday, May 22, 2011

Children Helping Children

Well, the final total isn't in quite yet, but so far, we made over $2000 for CureSearch at the art show today! There were more than 100 pieces, mostly acrylic paint on canvas, from artists aged 2-12. There were pieces by schoolmates, friends, and family members from Austin to as far away as Canada! Patty and her parents, Naydi and Jorge, did such an AMAZING job putting the show together, even getting up before sunrise this morning to do some live television promos! A huge thank you goes out to them, and to our ever-generous Parkside family, for making this event so special and so successful. And thank you to Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery for the use of your beautiful space. Naydi is already planning what she wants to do next year, so we've got to get to work on some more art! Love, love, love to everyone who came today and thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting Georgia and childhood cancer research.

Ivy and our fabulous curator, Patty

Georgia and her piece, "At the Barre"

Ivy and her piece, "Paint"

Cousin Owen and his purchase, "Midgard," by Aidan from Houston

Classmate Kelly and her purchase, "Peach on a Table," a Georgia original!

The Artists in Repose (with Daddy)

This just in! A quick story about the show, with Patty and Ivy's teacher, the lovely Ms. Camille!

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