Monday, October 17, 2016

Meet the Press

Georgia had a great weekend at the journalism conference - thank you to everyone who supported her fundraising efforts! After two days of sessions and competitions, she got Honorable Mention in Headline Writing! And because the girls missed the Homecoming Dance to go to the conference, the journalism teacher hosted "JOCO '16" at the hotel pool for them. They did get to attend the Homecoming Pep Rally and Cookout on Friday, though, and the school gave a big shout-out to the mighty ARS Swim Team - Go Stars!

On Sunday, I was pinch hitting for Georgia at a college presentation for Tulane University and got lots of good info to share with her. We're looking forward to heading back to NOLA this spring to visit one of our favorite places and check out the school in person.

It's interesting that Georgia is so involved in journalism at school because over the past six years, she has done quite a few interviews for print, radio, and television. Here's one for today's moment to remember, which also recalls a very, very special moment in Georgia's journey. Read all about it. : )

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