Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Love You, Ivy Girl!

Here's an email we got today from SuperSibs!, a great organization that is near and dear to us:
Today.....April 10th ....is National Sibling Day!!
National Sibling Day celebrates the lifelong bond between
brothers and sisters.  Siblings are often our best friends and
supporters through life.  They love us unconditionally
and are by our side in good times and in bad. 

Today, on April 10th please consider celebrating National Sibling Day by making a $10 donation to fund a personalized SuperSibs! Courage Trophy to a child whose brother or sister is fighting cancer. Help SuperSibs! bring comfort and recognition to these siblings who are facing their own fears and anxieties during their family's fight against cancer. 
Don't let them fight alone. 

Give the lifelong reminder...
"For your strength, courage and love, YOU are a SuperSib!"
with a trophy to a child TODAY. 

Recognize anybody?  
 Only the MOST Super Sib of them all!

1 comment:

  1. Love you, Ivy! Your beautiful and proud smile made me cry! You totally rock the trophy!!