Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Georgia On School

From the car ride home today:

Me: How was school?

Georgia: It was great! You know, sometimes, I'll just be sitting in class and doing my work, and I realize that my face hurts. And I think, why does my face hurt? And it's because I've been SMILING the whole time! 

Me: : )

Georgia: And when I think about how much I've learned this year? In a new school? At the beginning, it was quite a leap from last year. Not just a jump, but a LEAP! And now, I'm fine!

Me: You're better than fine.

Ivy: You're wonderful.

Me: (sniff)


  1. A tear just rolled down my cheek...what a great conversation to post on the blog : )

  2. THATS GREAT!!!!!
    -Emma :)
    sorry i havent been on in like an eternity