Thursday, April 5, 2012

Girl Wonder

 The Dynamic Duo

What a wonderful day! We were at the clinic bright and early this morning for Georgia's LAST day surgery, and there was definitely excitement in the air! It just occurred to us last night that this was also her last "regular" clinic appointment, too, so it was a HUGE milestone, to the say the least. Her port cooperated beautifully, her counts were great, and she got her last IV chemo push - to much fanfare, I might add. At one point, we had seven people in her (Shady Grove-themed) exam room! We visited with many of the sweet nurses and other staff members and made plans for her Off Treatment Party, coming soon! We scheduled her 4-week follow-up appointment, and then she hopped into Daddy's Hot Rod Wheelchair for the last ride through the super cool, super secret underground tunnel over to the hospital.

Our awesome PANDA nurses greeted Georgia, as always, with cheers and high fives, and we went through the pre-op routine for the 25th time. Everyone was thrilled to hear that this was her last go-round, and our girl was really ready to knock this one out of the park. We had to think of a very special message to write on her back for Dr. Neff, and I think what Georgia came up with really said it all:

She sailed through the procedure - spinal fluid was all clear! - so after a couple of popsicles in the recovery area, we busted out of there in our fastest time ever. As we were leaving, there were many hugs from the nurses, a sweet gift, and a few happy tears. I've said it before, but there are special angels working in that hospital and clinic, and they have taken such amazing care of Georgia. They are a huge part of her journey and have become part of our family. We are so thankful for every single one of them. And all of you, too!!!


  1. Georgia & Family,

    I cannot find the right words for this wonderful occasion nor can I stop the tears of joy-----"God is good"! I can only imagine the excitement you are experiencing. It has been a long journey---what troopers you are. I have a koozie from MDA that says---NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE---how thankful we are for all those who are a part of our journey. Keep on keepin' on!!!

    Hugs! Minnie Parker :)

  2. We have been anxiously awaiting this day. I can only imagine how excited you all were and grateful for the excellent care Georgia has been given. She is such a precious girl, and I am sure she will continue on without incident. We love you and could not be more proud of the way you have proven what a positive attitude and complete cooperation can achieve. Love, Beverly

  3. Awesome news! Wonderful family! Sincere happiness for you all -- I've been keeping up from a distance. You KNOW how we hate cancer, and truly appreciate your battle.

    Great positive thoughts to you always,
    Peggy Hembree
    (Marla's aunt)