Friday, April 6, 2012

Great Friday

We're still buzzing with excitement from yesterday and looking forward to a long holiday weekend at home. Georgia started her last 5-day steroid "pulse" this morning, so I have a feeling that copious amounts of pasta are in our near future! Once again, we're so lucky that the steroids have never given her (or us) too much trouble - other than the truck driver appetite and temporary mood swings. Some kids have pretty profound effects, especially during the longer stretches, and they become totally different little people for those 28 days. Aggression and crying fits are common, and it's a constant battle for the family to keep them fed, "happy," and distracted until that phase is over. Which is exhausting for everyone, as you can imagine. 

That said, our minds and hearts are with our sweet friend, Tatum, who has just finished a difficult 28-day stretch of steroids today and will be spending Easter weekend in the hospital for a scheduled infusion. Please keep Tatum and her precious family in your thoughts and prayers - as well as the many other families spending their holiday the same way. Thank you!

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