Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Be A Good Cookie

One of the biggest stories in the cancer community last year was about an immune therapy that turned adult leukemia patients' own T cells into assassin cells that helped fight their cancerous cells. The application of such an important discovery to not only blood cancers, but many other types, could make an incredible impact in the war against cancer! It's so very exciting, we will be following the development of this treatment as it makes it way through further studies and clinical trials.

What is doubly interesting is that this ground-breaking research was funded by COOKIES. Thousands of COOKIES! Through the Cookies for Kids' Cancer Foundation, funds raised "help scientists and top pediatric oncologists at leading pediatric cancer centers accelerate and deepen their investigation into new and less toxic therapies in an all out effort to save the lives of innocent children." Just by hosting a bake sale or purchasing cookies, you might be helping to fund the next big discovery in the search for cures for childhood cancers. Pretty sweet, right?

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