Saturday, April 28, 2012

Georgia, The Champion of The World*

Hi! It's me, Georgia. Through this experience, I've accumulated many "nicknames," I guess you would call them. "Confident," "Brave Girl," "Warrior Princess," and "Survivor" are just a few of them. I personally think that for tomorrow's occasion "Lean Mean Cancer Chompin' Machine" would be the best choice because ... I'll be DONE! Yaaaay! But, it's been great - the love gifts, "get wells," and support part, I mean. I've met some pretty awesome people (Will Ferrell, hellooo!), done some fantastic things (Wish Trip, anyone?), and enjoyed some serious chilling at home (who doesn't love that?). Now that the "mucho chemo" part is over, I'll be getting stronger, faster, and healthier every day! It's amazing. It seems like forever ago that I was in the hospital for the first time, riding in a wheelchair and thinking that was pretty fun. A million years ago when we were dancing around the kitchen singing, "We're number 1! We're number 1!" when I went into remission. And now it's all come down to this. We're (almost) done! Of course, I'll miss my friends, a.k.a. the Clinic nurses, and I'm already kind of missing the bandannas I used to wear (I'm wearing one tomorrow, though!). I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made this the best treatment experience a girl could ever have. Now I'm counting the days 'till we can get my port out and I can get braces! 

Love to you all,

* That's a nod to one of our favorite writers, Roald Dahl. You should check out Danny, the Champion of the World, or any other RD books - now! : )


  1. Tears of joy here in Colorado! We are SO happy for Georgia here at CasaWilson! We love you and are so proud of you!

  2. DONE! DONE! DONE! WAHOO!!!!!!
    Georgia - would you mind if I posted about your done-ness on the 46 Mommas facebook page tomorrow?

    Loads of love to you and your family,
    Bekah (mom to Grace and Fiona)

  3. from one Warrior Princess to another - YOU ROCK, Georgia!

    Brilliant to hear you're at the end of your treatment.

    Love from Zena xxx

  4. Go Georgia!! You rock!!!

  5. We are so do happy for you and your family....what an incredible day! We look forward to seeing you!!!

  6. We're so proud of you and your family, Georgia!

  7. Yippeeeeeee!

    You are an amazingly strong and inspirational girl!