Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time's Almost Up!

Make sure you cast your vote in the color poll over in the sidebar - it's closing in a few hours!

Also, if you'd like to learn more about ALL, click here for a wonderful guide from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And here is an interesting article on pediatric cancer research that was sent in by a dear reader in Missouri. : )

And Georgia says, "Happy Tuesday!"


  1. Happy Tuesday to you too Georgia!! Can't wait to see the color poll results!!!!Have a good rest of the week! Love you:-) Claire

  2. Hi Georgia,

    My name is Todd Druley and I am the doctor in your article from St. Louis. Thank you!! That means a lot to me. I really enjoy getting the privilege to care for a lot of great kids just like you. I love your blog - your spirit and energy come right through! I know you've got some tough days, but don't lose that cheerful spirit. You will beat this and then you can come help me figure out how to help more kids in the future. God bless you! Thanks again!

  3. Hi Georgia, I am your grandma,Leslie's friend. I sent you the fabric pieces, and I am so glad you are enjoying them.. I got your letter today, and I love the little dress on the front. You are very talented. It sounds like you are very busy with your blog, and your sister and all of your activities!!!!I look forward to reading your blog and see how you are doing. Let me know if you need more fabric. Your new friend, Judie

  4. Hi Georgia...

    I'm on the hunt to find someone in Antarctica to post a comment so that you can cross that off your list.... Super cold day in St. Louis today... wind chill was 10, so the kids had indoor recess... that is no fun for them!!

    We love u and hoping you're feeling strong.


  5. Georgia, I went to my Bible class today and passed out your orange bracelets. Everyone of the ladies put them on immediately and thanked me for bringing your story to their attention. I am going to try to get our friend from North Dakota to write you. He is a special person also. Have a great week, and I will be thinking of you. Love, Beverly

  6. I enjoyed reading about the research Dr. Druley is doing and how great that he posted on your blog !! Can you tell us what states you are still missing--it is is hard to tell which ones ae not colored in the Northeast since they are so small--I am still anxiously awaiting my bracelet. I can not wait to pass them out.
    I would love to see a photo of the clothes designs you are making out of real material--mayb your mom can take a photo of you in "Craft action" !

    Love you, Aunt Lee

  7. Dear Georgia,
    I have enjoyed your blog and keeping up with you and your progress. I am a friend of your Grandmother ( a Leslie Girl). She has kept me up with all of your daily activities. I proud of you and your creations you are making. You are talented just like all your family. You are in my prayers and many others that I have told about your journey . Love, Terrye

  8. Hello, Georgia. Someone asked that I send a cheerful word from Antarctica. Looking through your blog it sounds like you have a lot of people who care about you!

    Greetings from everyone at Palmer Station, Antarctica, including the penguins, elephant seals (which are a little smelly) and the giant petrel birds.


  9. Hi Georgia
    My mom (who is a friend of your grandmother) sent me your website. I am popping in to say hello from Kansas! - I heard you were trying to get visitors from all states - which states do you have left? We are praying for you and hope that you feel better really soon!


  10. Hi Georgia! Just a quick note to say hello. Uncle Jeff just told me that you got someone from Antarctica to post. That is fantastic! We got your card, and I love the design. Also, the Chuck Noris factoid was funny. I have been working it into conversations! Today was crazy because Owen (as he told me himself) couldn't be good and Sis was riding the "fuss bus" as we call it. I think she might be getting a tooth. You and Ivy are loosing teeth and she is getting them. Well, hope you have a good night. We all love you-- Uncle Jeff, Aunt Meghan, Owen and Evelyn xoxo

  11. Hey Georgia,
    Hello from Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. I have some grandchildren about your age. I'm serving a mission with my husband down here. God Bless you, dear.


  12. Hi Georgia, here's another one to add to your list: I'm from the Netherlands. Best wishes from across the ocean...!!

  13. Hey Georgia! I gave out your bracelets to my friends today! They all LOVED them!!! Hope you are doing awesome! Love you, Claire P.S. we are going to assemble and ship off your present this weekend:-)

  14. Are you feeling any better, Georgia? Oh by the way Brody is growing a mustache. And Chase is chasing everyone.

    Have you read THE LIGHTNING THIEF or any of the other Percy Jackson and the Olympians series? My mom and I are reading it right now. So is Sawyer, if he hasn't already finished it. It's really good.

    What are you reading? Do you have a lot of time to read? If you do, I recommend the Percy Jackson series. I would like to hear about what you are reading.

    We're looking forward to getting our bracelets. I am going to wear mine every day once it arrives. My mom should have ordered more. Arik wants to wear 80!

    Your friend,