Thursday, January 21, 2010

They're Here!

Your Official "Keep Georgia on your Mind" bracelets are here! Want one? Or four?! Here's how to get them: We've set up a separate email address for ordering bracelets, so send your mailing address and the number of bracelets you want to Then, if you haven't already, we encourage you to make a donation to Will's Team in Training to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - click on his picture over there in the sidebar, and it will take you to his donation page. If everyone donated just one dollar per bracelet, that would go a long way in getting Will to his fundraising goal. And if we go beyond that, even better!

Thanks, everyone, and be thinking good thoughts for Georgia's clinic appointment tomorrow!


  1. You are AWESOME Georgia! LOVE the bracelets!! I will order one ASAP!!!! I see in the picture Jake from Life is Good is on your shirt!!! YAY:) I hope that the clinic goes wel tomorrow!!!!!!! Love you a lot!! Love Claire :-)

  2. Thinking great thoughts for you tomorrow. Tell your mommy NOT to put quite so much numbing cream on you this time. :)

    Love u oodles.


  3. Good Luck today Georgia!!:)
    love, claire:)

  4. OMGosh!! I love love love the new design Georgia!! It is the cutest I have ever seen! Hope you have an easy day of it today. Last night Owen forgot what time it was I guess b/c he dragged this big barn ( it's a red barn with a horse and horse stuff-- like curry comb--but also vet stuff like a stethoscope etc. Ivy would really like it) into our room at 3 in the morning and said " I know-- let's play with this! Well, I shot that idea down, but did put on some Pink Panther for him! Anyway,
    Everybody says "HI!!"
    love, Aunt Meghan, Uncle Jeff and Owen and Baby Ev

  5. I like the new blog design. It looks fun and cute.
    Do good today at your appointment. We'll keep our finger crossed that all the numbers go in the right direction. :-)
    Laura G.

  6. Hello from Ireland, Georgia!!!!

    Hope this happy get well note, adds sunshine to your day, and shows you that you are thought of
    in a warm and special way!

    You grandad and granma Moore stayed in our home during their summer holidays to Ireland last year.
    In our historical small city of Kilkenny south east Ireland.

    Looking forward to your visit to us in the future.

    Lots of love and huge Irish hugs coming your way.


    P.S. My full name is Victoire (FRENCH) and it also means Victory

  7. The picture of Georgia is precious..what a beautiful smile! We are thinking of you today. Thank you for the continued support to Will's TNT page. We are counting the days till we get to come to Austin.

    -Dianna & Will Bacon

  8. Georgia we LOVE the new haircut. It makes you look so mature and smart. We LOVE the bracelets too. We will order some for sure. Keeping you on our mind.
    Dakota Luther & Whitney

  9. Yes please! I'll order one the right way, but YES AND YES! Did you pick orange because it's our family favorite color?!?! :)


  10. Anybody post yet from Rhode Island? Cuz I live there part of the year. Great job on the blog!

    Kim Moore

  11. Georgia - I love the new blog design!! So cute and so you! Our Georgia Peach! We got your card today - so sweet of you to send it and we all love the fabulous dress on the front you made. Vivi liked the sunglasses, too. We hope you like the Narnia series as much as Claire - we're reading them for the 2nd time!

    We can't wait to get our bracelets! They look fabulous on you with your cute new haircut.


    Aunt Kate, (Uncle Trent, Claire, and Vivi, too)

  12. O.K. girl....I'm really trying here but I have to tell you that my family gives me a hard time when it comes to my computer skills.I can really only count consistently on Nelson and Simon for help.First ,I managed to get on the blog--I felt I was (in the loop)The euphoria was short lived because then I of course wanted to make a comment.I thought my comments were lost in space until I realized they were held in review by your mom for awhile-----After realizing right off the bat that my spot on the map was taken I moved right along to sign up for the bike ride blog,my space,your space what ever it is.Again,a hurdle because my discover card did not seem to light up when I hit it and after pushing it several times I feared I had reached the goal all on my own(Uncle Jeff had given me the excess clicking lesson early on but sometimes I just can't help myself).....So tonight when I checked in on you I see that I now have to get going on a new email address because all the kids in Simon's two fifth grade classes of course want a bracelet!!! But with all those hurdles for little old aunts I have managed to send those live flip videos.....If my skills crash and burn or I get a (cookie) or a (worm) or I just spill my drink on my computer I will correspond by pony express or smoke signals (lower case smoke signals only) I learned my lesson on that ,MAYBE.OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  13. Beautiful Georgia - hello from Hollywood! I just found you through cjane and love your blog. I'm not in Montana right now, but I lived there for part of high school (and just talked to my mom, who still lives there), so instead of filling out one of your missing states I'll just wave to you from the Hollywood sign :)

    Since you love to read, may I recommend Hounds of the Morrigan, by Pat O'Shea? It was one of my favorites when I was your age - and it's good and long, which I always think is nice since it means you get to spend a while with the characters.

    I'll be thinking about you as you go through your treatment - best wishes!

  14. Hi, Georgia! My name is Lynda and I am an "old" friend of your grandmother and grandfather. My son and your dad were "best buddies" when they were little. Anyway, we heard you were feeling a "little under the weather" and we wanted to send you our very best wishes! You are a beautiful young lady and I have a feeling that you are also very strong. We will be thinking about you and checking in to see how you are doing. Take good care of yourself and please give our love to your family! Love and kisses from David and Lynda in New Jersey

  15. Hi Georgia! This is Sawyer & Jennings Wilson's mom. The three of us are enjoying keeping up with your journey through your blog. We'll get our bracelet order in asap! You are a brave and strong girl and we're definitely keeping you on our minds!
    much love, Caroline Wilson

  16. Georgia - Howdy from Dallas! Our Team in Training kickoff is this weekend and then in 2 short weeks we will be down to Austin for the half-marathon! Cycle training starts in a week --- I'm a little nervous about the mileage to be honest!!! We have been running more lately and my cycle legs are a little rusty!! We think about you all the time and are praying for the good news. Stay strong - you are more of an inspiration than you know right now...see you soon....


  17. Hi Georgia did you see the video of simple gifts?
    we all wor your favorite color purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we hope you are doing well
    P.S.come back soon

    LOVE Ashna {ayush's sister}