Friday, January 15, 2010

The Friday Report

Georgia had a nice, short day at the clinic today - just a blood draw and IV medicine through her port. One thing we learned from the CBC is that she is currently "neutropenic," which means that her white blood cell count is low, specifically that her neutrophils (the white blood cells that help fight bacterial infections) are low. When a patient's Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) (total number of neutrophils) drops below 500, the risk of infection is high. Today, Georgia's ANC was 40, so needless to say, we are being extra vigilant in our efforts to keep everything and everybody around her clean. Lots of handwashing! But low ANCs are a normal, expected part of treatment because for all the good chemotherapy does in destroying the bad cells, it also damages or destroys some good cells, too. We'll be monitoring her temperature throughout the next few days, but she feels fine, just tired.

That said, Georgia was absolutely NOT too tired to pull her 13th tooth this evening! She's really very good at it (she's way ahead of me now, 9 to 4), and she'd been itching to pull one ever since Ivy's first tooth started wiggling last month. She could barely keep her hands out of Ivy's mouth! I think now she's got her eye on a molar that might be moving the tiniest bit - stay tuned ...

In other news, Georgia "Skyped" with her class yesterday, and it went really well. So cool to be able to see her friends and teachers! We plan to check in every so often and maybe do some projects that way as well. And if anyone else is interested in visiting with her over Skype, let us know.

Also, we've added a map in the sidebar to show where all of our wonderful readers and well-wishers are located. If you're writing from outside of Texas (or the country!), make sure you tell us in your comment, and we'll add your state to the map. Georgia wants to reach all 50 and beyond - spread the word!

Finally, we've ordered orange "Keep Georgia on Your Mind" bracelets and should be getting them soon, so reserve yours today!


  1. I'm glad the numbers were of no surprise. There's good and bad in everything. The bad is, you can't just run outside and play with friends. This good is, you get a lot of attention. My mom liked that part the most.8-)
    Hey, reserve 3 or 4 bracelets for your Plano/Allen family.
    Laura G.

  2. I am one of claire's pals! She forwarded this message to me. I loved it we will definitley be prayin' for ya!

  3. Be sure to color in Massachussets :)

  4. Hi Georgia!

    My name is Janet, and I'm married to your Aunt Kate's brother, Ash. We're following your adventures on this blog and cheering for you all the way!

    We live in Salem, Massachusetts -- another state for your map! We have a new baby boy, Logan. He was born prematurely and spent his first two months in the hospital, so we know what it's like to fight hard for good health and to win.

    You're an inspiration -- thanks so much for sharing your story and giving hope to other kids.

    Wishing you health and happiness!
    --Janet (and Ash and Baby Logan, too!)

  5. Hello Georgia,

    My name is Jean Gashakamba from Kigali, Rwanda. Try to locate his on google maps! I am in business with your uncle JEFF HUNT.

    After reading your story i would want to call you ''Intrepid Georgia''. This because you are brave to look directly to your present health ennemy and fight back, also because you are giving a high-level lesson of keeping hope to many children and even adults suffering from various attacks. You know there are so many children in Africa, unbeleivably many, suffering and having absolutely no chance for an adequate treatment, not even for lab exams to be done. Take the opportunity you have and hold on, just keep on fighting without ceasing and enjoy the warmth of love around you focusing your mind on special moments you are sharing together.

    I wish you all the best,also to your loved ones who care so much every second of every day.

  6. Everything sounds like it is goin well for you Georgia:) 13th Tooth!!!! Holy Moly Girl!!!! Anyway, I want to reserve an order to get a , "Keepin Georgia on your mind" bracelet!!!! I printed a picture of you to show all of my buddies!! They all said you were adorable:) Keep Fightin girl!!! YOU ROCK!! love & hugs, Claire:D

  7. P.s.-I would like to visit you over Skype Georgia!!! I am your #1 from Missouri!!

    Love, Claire:D

  8. Keeping Georgia on my mind here in Ohio!

    (Sending good thoughts and prayers from LawMommy.)

  9. Hi, we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and keeping up with your blog. We definitely want 4 or 5 of your "Keeping Georgia on your Mind" bracelets! We'll be keeping in touch!
    Love to you and your family!
    Nathan and Doris

  10. We're also "keeping Georgia on our minds" here in Flagstaff, Arizona! Matthew and Rebecca Moore (Matthew is your dad Trevor's cousin) :)

  11. I saw a link to your blog on facebook. I saw that didn't have LOUISIANA filled in yet, but here I am!

    Here's hoping that all your dreams come true in 2010!!


  12. Wishing you all the best in 2010!

    And here's LOUISIANA for your map. :)

  13. Hi Georgia,

    I can not wait for the braclets! Let us know how long before they arrive. So glad for your great test results. We are all thinking about you and sending you our love--Keep up the great recovery!I want to know more about Skyping--maybe Uncle Jeff can help me with that---Tell Ivy hi.
    Love, Aunt Lee and company

  14. Wishing you all the best from Santa Fe, New Mexico! Joy & Ana Gumbiner (friends of Trent!)

  15. Hello from the Great White North! Stay strong and keep up the fight - We're all with you in spirit from Alaska!

  16. Dear Georgia, I heard about you from your uncle Trent . I just wanted to drop by and say hello from Queens, New York. Sending positive thoughts and good karma your way ! Love, Kim

  17. Keeping Georgia on our minds here in Tennessee, and sending you healing thoughts and prayers...I have a son who is 10, just like you. All the best--your blog is great. (I went to college with your uncle Trent!)
    Lauren D. in TN

  18. Hi Georgia! I'm writing you from Portland, Oregon. I'm a friend of your Uncle Trent's, and we used to do theatre together up here in the Pacific Northwest. I also used to be a pediatric oncology nurse, so I know that being in the hospital can sometimes get really boring. We nurses used to team up with the kids getting treatment to play fun tricks on the other nurses and doctors when bored. An easy one is asking for a big syringe (but no needle), filling it up with water, hiding it under the sheets, and then squirting them when they weren't expecting it!
    Anyway, hope you are feeling okay today and sending you big hugs from Oregon!!!!
    Madeleine S. in Portland, Oregon

  19. Hi Georgia, I'm a friend of your grandma Leslie's- we're in book club together. I'm glad to see you like to read too. From your blog I can see you are a very special girl! I will be thinking of you while you have your treatment, and you and your family will be in our prayers. Keep up the great work!

    Julie from San Antonio

  20. Hi Georgia! Found you through my pal, Darien. We're keeping you on our minds here in chilly and grey Illinois!

    Stay strong through your treatment, girlfriend! You have lots of people on your side!

    Allison from Chicago

  21. Hi Georgia,

    My name is Kellie. I went to high school with your Uncle Trent. We were in "Fiddler on the Roof" together and I was the girl he "married" in the play.

    I live in Maryland now (another state for you!) with my husband Tom and our 3-year-old son Henry. We're following your blog and wish you happiness, strength on difficult days, and total victory over ALL.

    You said on your profile that you love to read. I'm a total nut for kids' books -- never stopped reading them. Have you read The Gammage Cup, by Carol Kendall? That was one of my favorites when I was your age. (The cover of the current paperback edition is awful, unfortunately, but the book is great.)


  22. Zoe would love to Skype w/ Georgia.

  23. Hi Georgia,
    My mom is a friend of Lolly's and I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you from Nashville, TN! Keep your chin up!
    Ashley (originally from San Antonio)

  24. Hey Georgia!
    It's Kate again. Ya' know...Claire Nichols friend! I couldn't believe that someone in Africa visited your blog. Isn't that sweet!? I want you to know how much you inspire me. Your picture is the screen saver on my phone and stuck to my folders. Hey...claire told me about some orange bracelets. Are you sending some to Missouri? I would love to have one! Well, we will be prayin'. TTYL

  25. Hi Georgia!
    I am Kate's mom. I want you to know that you are in our prayers! Your ROCK! We LOVE you up here in Missouri!
    St. Louis MO

  26. Hi Georgia,

    I am Ben Porter's aunt, and I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ben's mom (my sister) sent me a link to your blog, which I have enjoyed reading! You are clearly a very strong girl who is beloved by many people. I know that you will prevail in your fight and inspire lots of other people along the way. I'll be thinking of you sending you positive energy from Alabama.

    Meredith R.

  27. Hi Georgia. My friend Darien sent me the link to your blog -- hello, and much love, from Berwick, Maine. :) Tonight we're supposed to get quite a snowstorm here.

  28. you rock!! got your letter and and cant wait write u back!! :) Kate

  29. Hey, u rock! U r the bravest girl I know!! :). Talk to you soon. Kate

  30. Hi Georgia,

    I am a cousin of Melissa Golder, who shared your blog on Facebook. My daughter, who is 22, just finished treatment for Lymphoma. She is in remission now and doing really well. We know all too well what you are going through, and you sound so brave. We are both thinking of you and sending wonderful thoughts your way. We live in Roseville, California so add us to your map!

    By the way, Emily ask to keep her port when it was removed, and it is actually pretty! It is purple and shaped like a heart!


  31. Hi Georgia! I got your link from your uncle Trent. This is Nicole Griffin thinking of you in Sumas, Washington. Hang in there girl!!

  32. Hey Georgia!! I just wanted to say that i told all of my girl's youth group about your blog!!! My leaders rachel and olivia said that we can inform the WHOLE youth group about you!!! Love you to pieces, Claire:D p.s. don't forget: i want to Skype you AND get one of your orange bracelets!!:))

  33. Hey, Cant wait 2 get a bracelet!! :)) Kate.

  34. Hi Georgia! You are in our thoughts daily and we want you home soon. Way to go pulling all those teeth – very impressive. :) You are amazing!

    -Bella, Steve, Miranda and Max, GO Neighbors

  35. Count the Golders in for bracelets.... (and my parents, and Jim/Tracy...

    It will be the hot new accessory this Spring.

  36. Hi Georgia!

    I am a friend of your Aunt Lee and she told all about your blog......what a beautiful girl you are!
    I am thinking of you everyday here in Connecticut and following your blog to read all the updates about how fast you are getting cured!
    I am waiting for my orange bracelet from your Aunt Lee....:)
    Love from Connecticut!
    Peggy Sofianos

  37. Hey Georgia:

    Love, prayers and good vibes are being sent every day to you from NY, NY (Manhattan)! I was your mom's roommate in college at the Zeta house and we had so much fun together -- she used to tell me stories that made me laugh so hard I couldn't stand up! I can see that you are just as fabulous as your mom and WOW I am impressed with how strong and brave you are. You are one cool chick! I am happy to have found your blog so I can keep up with all that y'all are doing -- and we will definitely want bracelets up here.

    Take care of yourself and give your mom a hug from me

    Melanie Stites Asofsky & my family (Dean, Max -10, and Mia - 8)

  38. Hi Georgia! We'd like 4 of those bracelets please! Stay strong, sweet girl!

  39. Hi Georgia,

    I work with your mom. Your mom is so proud of you and your family. I am so glad you have a blog and I can keep up with how you are doing. I love your smile. Keep your beautiful smile. Know that others love you and want you to beat ALL. You and your mom Courtney, your dad Trevor and your sister Ivy are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. You are so brave! Please reserve an orange bracelet for me "Keep Georgia on Your Mind". I will be proud to wear it.
    You are awesome!

  40. Hi Georgia-
    Looks like you are a little low on love from Minnesota so I am signing on to change all that.

    My name is Ann Gastler and I am a friend of your mom's friend, Marla. I was just in Texas visiting over the New Year but didn't have the pleasure of meeting you.

    My family ( I have 3 boys) and I will be sending our warmest thoughts and prayers your way from the frozen north.

    PS... we LOVE the spiky new hairdo!

  41. hi sweetheart,simon ,nelson and some friends went on a little field trip today and we are working on a little surprise song . we did a little run through in the parking lot while nelson was at the dentist.WE NEED SOME WORK!!!!

  42. Hi Georgia!

    I've known and adored your mom for many years. You've been in my thoughts and high in my hopes for many days. Color in Oklahoma! And tell your immune system to kick in to high gear!

    Julie in OK

  43. Hi Georgia! Here's your joke of the day:

    What training do you need to be a garbage collector?

    None, you just pick it up as you go along!

  44. Georgia, sending you good wishes and a snowball from cold cold Oslo Norway. (splat. that's the snowball!)

  45. Will be praying for you and when you are ready, the Big Apple is ready for your too. Friends of the Heimers

  46. Hi Georgia! Hope you're feeling well. I found out about you through an American blogger living in Norway! Imagine that - we live in the same state but needed someone half a world away to introduce us!

  47. Hi Georgia. My daughter in Austin, Texas told me about your blog. I want to be the first person from Mississippi to help you fill your map. V. A. from Jackson, Mississippi

  48. Hello Georgia! We recieved your blog link from friends in New York ( Perkins family) so now you can add Paris France to your map and the Eiffel Tower too as we live very close to it!

    Keep up your love of reading and it will take you to every far away place you could ever dream of!

  49. hi georgia! sending lots of love from florida. keep are a strong and brave girl and we're all cheering you on!!!

  50. hi georgia.i am 10 i am from new hampshire with my dad, and maine with my mom. i hope you get better soon!


  51. You have the most awesome uncle in the world! I bet he is equally blessed to have you for a niece. I would like to send all the south Carolina sunshine you can take from charleston. I am also a special education professor at the College of Charleston and would love nothing more than to share your story to future teachers that want to be there for kids whose experiences inspire others such as yours if that is ok with you. Marie Manning

  52. Hi Georgia
    I met your Mom's mom when we taught at the same elementary school in San Antonio (about 40 years ago!). We have been good friends ever since. I love your cool blog. It is great to be able to keep up with your progress. I am very glad that you are coming along so well. I think of you every day and say a prayer just for you. You have so many people that love you. Please save a bracelet for me.
    Judy Duke

  53. Hi Georgia,
    My name is Lizzy. I am Kate's little sister. We have been praying for you everynight.
    I hope you feel better,
    Lizzy Payne

  54. As the name says.... greetings from Australia!

  55. Hi, I found your blog through Karla (Texpatriate in Norway). I'll be keeping you on my mind from PAVIA, ITALY! I think you don't yet have any comments from Italy?? Stay strong...


  56. Hi Georgia!
    I got one of the orange bracelets! I love them so much! You are awesome. You ROCK!

  57. Hey Georgia:
    Will gave me an idea:

  58. Hi, Georgia,

    I am a friend of your grandparents, Bill and "Rosemary. I live in San angelo and I want you to know how much I admire your strength, and fun spirit . You are a very pretty girl, with a zest for life and that will help you get through this bump in your life.

    Keep up the good work and I will be praying for your recovery.

    Love, Harriett Borger

  59. Hi Georgia! This is Bodhi Kunda from lower L one at school. I am praying for you and can't wait for you to come back to school. I hope you are having a good day. Your pink hair looks really cool. Love Bodhi.

  60. Hey Georgia!
    I started cheering for you with Livestrong! I think it's soooooo cool!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!