Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keep On Keepin' (Her) On

Howdy, y'all! So you like the new hair, huh? It was a big hit at the clinic as well, but Georgia decided that a pink mohawk required quite a bit of upkeep, so she asked Daddy to "take it off" yesterday. She much prefers the soft peach fuzz she's sporting now, and so does Mommy. I've missed seeing that little noggin the past eight or so years! So here she is with a cute new hat, her cool new glasses, and a trading card from a new friend we made at the hospital - Boone, the Therapy Dog (aka "75 lbs. of Fur and Love").

Friday's clinic appointment went really well - her ANC was back down a little bit from last week, but the rest of her counts looked good. I got mixed up and thought she would have IV meds plus the procedures this week, but "all" she had was a Bone Marrow Aspiration (BMA) and a round of Intrathecal (IT) chemotherapy (which they inject directly into the spinal fluid while she's asleep). As I read more and learn more, I realize I was also mistaken in thinking that since the initial Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap) showed that the spinal fluid was clear, we would be through with LPs and the like. In fact, leukemia has a habit of hiding in places like the spinal fluid, so we will continue with IT chemotherapy throughout Georgia's treatment in order to make sure we keep the bad cells out of there for good. That said, her back did not bother her at all this weekend, which was a welcome change from the Day 8 BMA and IT, after which she was pretty uncomfortable for a few days. So now, we wait. And pray! And think positive! And do happy dances! Whatever it takes to get great results on Wednesday and the go-ahead to move on to the next phase of treatment. So, as always, please please please "Keep Georgia On Your Mind" this week!

And thanks AGAIN to everyone who's donated to Will's Team in Training - he's at nearly 70% of his goal! How awesome would it be if we got there and kept on going?! Your donations not only help Georgia, but all kids battling blood cancers, so if you haven't given already, please do. Then email us at the address in the sidebar for your Official Georgia Bracelets! Speaking of which, we should be getting some more in this week(?), so for those of you who have already emailed us, your bracelets should be on their way to you soon!

Here's to good news on Wednesday! : )


  1. keep on smiling Georgia, espeically as it is a particularly gorgeous smile :-) Sending you thoughts all the way from Bristol in the United Kingdom x

  2. That picture is precious! Hey Georgia,last night at my youth group the main guy Bil( he rocks!) put up my powerpoint slide about you!! I will also be ordering more bracelets in the future for my girls' small group!! My family and i went to Life is Good and picked up some goodies for you and Ivy!:) I also recently created a powerpoint and will be sending it once i can get the music attatched! Love ya! Love Claire:)

  3. Love the hat---Aunt Shearin had forwarded the photos Lolly took of all of the new hats with her i-Phone--that Lolly has really come screaming into the 21st Century with that new technology ! Lolly also told me they are having a "Georgia Day" at your school this Friday and are going to video it so you can see it later--that is really so sweet of them. I know they are missing you and will be so glad to see you soon.She also to me me PaPa is staying in Austin with you all for a couple of days since he has work to do in Austin. I know you all will have fun.
    It is a rainy day here---would be a good day to read or watch a movie. oh, and by the way--I love the therapy dog. Does he come every Friday?
    Have a great week--we love you and are sendig you hugs and kisses---

    Aunt Lee

  4. Hi Georgia. Love love love your hat and glasses! Very stylish. We're sending you happy wishes and positive thoughts and lots of hugs!!!!

  5. I loved the Pink Mohawk but the fuzz is cool too!!! It is the style I prefer on myself - NO maintenance!! Our thoughts and prayers continue and we think and talk about you all the time up here in Dallas. We will be updating the Team site with some new pictures and updates soon. Our first formal group training ride starts Saturday. Your spirit will be with us. See you soon....

    Team Georgia and Will

  6. Hello Miss Georgia,

    I just caught up on your blog. Your new look is so cute. What a perfect time of year to get to wear cute hats! Know that we are praying for you at our dinner table every evening and I know you are going to get through all of this with flying colors. Tell your mom she is doing a fantastic job with the information on your blog. Alex is home today with tummy troubles but he also wants you to know he says hello. You are on our mind and in our hearts.

  7. Hey Georgia,

    We would love seven bracelets. Four for us, two for my parents and one for the brother in Hong Kong who can't seem to figure out how to leave a comment (and will be home for a while in March)!

    Since I don't often get the chance to say this (to anyone!), please tell your parents that I said, "Sic 'em Bears!!" I think they'll know what I mean.

    We look forward to hearing fantastic news later this week!!

    Love and xoxohv,
    Tracy, Joel, Patterson and Caroline

  8. Hi everybody! We sure had a fun time yesterday! Owen keeps asking to go see Ivy and Georgia and Evelyn is quite bored after playing with all those new toys! So let us know when we can come again. I better go b/c I have been watchin Owen construct a bridge out of brooms and the swifter mop on the chairs in the playroom and he is now trying to cross them!! Not a good idea Owen.

    Aunt Meghan

  9. Hi Georgia,

    My name is Michelle Allen Norman, and your mom and I were friends when we were younger than you are now (that's why I had to give you my middle name). Crazy, right? We haven't kept up well, but it is amazing how things can bring people together. Your grandmother told my mother about your blog, so my kids (Ryan(9) and Alyssa(6)) and I have been reading it. It is great! We just made a donation and requested bracelets, and we are keeping you in our prayers.


  10. Well......... how adorable do you look in that hat!! We're sporting our orange bracelets and are feeling very cool these days...

    I was thinking about some of the posts from your "fans". If you have gotten a shout-out from the penguins in Antarctica, what in the world do we have here in St. Louis to say hi?

    Well, I saw a beautiful cardinal this morning, and he said hi. Yep, isn't that weird how the MALE cardinal is beautiful & bright red, and the female is drab brown/gray with an orange beak... whassup with that? So not fair.

    Anyway, i'll let you know if I see another critter that says hi. We saw tons of turkeys a month ago in a field, and we were wondering what you call a group of turkeys? We still need to google that. Maybe you can and then let us know.

    Here's an idea... do a post that is called "Ask Georgia" and we can ask you all sorts of questions. Then, you can post the answers. I would ask you what the group of turkeys is called.

    Better end this post. WAY too long.

    Love you & HV love to all!


  11. Georgia,
    You probably don't really remember me, but I am your cousin. I just want you to know that I have been praying hard for you and I know that God will stay by your side through this. Lots of Love.
    Elizabeth Dorsett

  12. Hi Georgia,
    Love the cool hat and new glasses! But that precious smile is the BEST! Praying for a great report for you on Wed. Sending tons of positive vibes and good wishes your way from the Woodlands. We think of you everyday.
    Hugs - Carolyn Roberts

  13. What candy do you eat on the playground at school?

    Recess pieces.

    What did the baby corn say to its mom?

    Where's pop corn?

  14. I can not believe it---Gi Gi just called me and said that the doctor called with the report and you are at 0 %--Full remission!!! That is too wonderful for words, and you even get a break this week from going to the clinic, she said!?!?
    You are a strong and brave little girl and I think your determination and great attitude ,along with the great doctors have made this happen---Wow--very different feeling than 30 days ago !! Great great news--the best ever !

    We love you, Aunt Lee

  15. OK GEORGIA ,YOU MADE MY DAY.WE ARE ALL SO HAPPY AND BLESSED BY THE GREAT (ZERO)RESULT YOU GOT TODAY.THE NEWS BRINGS US SUCH JOY AND WE WILL ALL BE WITH YOU TO HELP YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!........I'm leaving to go teach so I will tell Simon's class when I see them.Today is the big "School House Rock"play.I am taking a flip of it to send you and the director,Kelly,is making you a copy of the whole thing. I will be doing some back stage interviews and some red carpet questions.......LOVE,AUNT SHEARIN