Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Digs

So how do you like the new design? We love it! Our new friend, Michelle, at Shabby Creations worked with Georgia via email, and they came up with the perfect expression of Georgia, a few of her favorite things, and the spirit with which she's approaching her journey to recovery. If you're in the market for a blog design, click on the Shabby Creations button at the bottom of the sidebar, and tell Michelle that Georgia sent you.

Speaking of, Georgia had another good day at the clinic yesterday - her ANC was up from 40 to 400, so while it's still under 500, the risk of infection this week is not as high as it was last week. Dr. Neff said she's doing so much better than most people are at this point, and it looks like we're "all systems go" for the Day 29 procedures next Friday. Georgia has already planned a celebratory carbo-loading meal for next Thursday night - starring Trevor's world-famous Super Cheese Lasagna - so she hopefully won't be quite as hungry as we ALL were after the Day 8 procedures!

Now on to some business: THANK YOU so much to everyone who has donated to Will's Team in Training - he's over half-way to his goal, so let's keep it up! Donate and then email us to order up some "Keep Georgia on Your Mind" bracelets - the address is in the sidebar. We've had such a great response, I've already had to order more bracelets, which Georgia is thrilled about because that means more money will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and more of you will be sporting her cool orange bracelets.

And for those of you keeping score, we are EIGHT states away from filling up our map, so we're looking for comments from the great states of Delaware! Indiana! Montana! Nebraska! New Jersey! North Dakota! Pennsylvania! and West Virginia! And we're two continents away from conquering the WORLD, so spread the word to your friends in South America and any penguins you know in Antarctica!

Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite color in the sidebar - the poll is closing soon! Thanks again for all of your support, and Georgia love to everyone!


  1. Keep rockin' with your treatment Georgia!! I LOVE the design: SOOO Georgia:) I am a big fan of lasangna too! YUM:) I will keep telling everyone about you!!! I love you lots, Claire:-)

  2. Hello from Tyler, Texas (via Mrs. Squirrel in NY)! Georgia, what a beautiful, smart, brave and strong young woman you are! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Much love.

  3. Wilmington, Delaware waving at you- and my mother and father in-law returned from Antarctica today, does that count? Love your new blog design.

  4. Signing in all the way from Australia to say hi and I'm thinking of you.

  5. Hi Georgia,

    I know someone in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania and I have asked them to write a comment on your blog so you will be able to add those two states when they write. I can not wait for my bracelets to come !!! I may need to order more--We are going to have a pizza---I have to go pick it up---I hope I can get the Webcam setup so we can talk live to you---We are sending you a big hug and will send you a new post soon---love love the new set up---I sent it to my friend that is working on setting up a blog and she loved it , too !! Love you---Tell Ivy girl we said hi--

    Aunt Lee and Gigi

  6. I love your new design for the site. It reminds me very much of you. Very Georgia-esque. Glad to hear your ANC is up! You let 'em know who's boss! I'll also be talking to my parents about ordering some bracelets. And I think our last video didn't send (I used the wrong email - oops...) so I'll be resending it momentarily.
    We love you!

  7. Hi Georgia,

    I'm from Indiana. Go Colts! You will have to watch them and cheer them on in the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks!

    Have a great day tomorrow and I will be checking back to see if you get your map all filled in.


  8. Hello beautiful Georgia. We are friends of your grandparents, Bill and Rosemary, and we just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and your family every day. You are an amazing young lady and I know your grandparents are very proud of you.

    Love, The Roberts Family from San Angelo, Texas

  9. Just found your blog through cjane, Georgia. Sending you love warm wishes from Lafayette, Indiana!

  10. Hello from Indiana! Lafayette to be exact. I wish you the best, Georgia!

  11. Hi Georgia, I'm from NJ but posting from NY today-- about 15 minutes over the border. Hope it counts and gets you closer to your goal. Good luck!

  12. Talked to CJane...coming to you from Lincoln Nebraska! We're praying for you!

  13. I've just visited your blog for the first time! Your Geordia is BEAUTIFUL! She's really gorgeous.

    Your blog is inspiring! Now on to read more from your blog, I'm looking forward to it...

  14. Hi Georgia,

    What a fun blog you have! Just wanted to say hi and tell you we are cheering you on over here. My nephew who is 7 was diagnosed with A.L.L. 11 months ago and we are praying hard for him and we will add you to our prayers.
    Keep up that cute smile! You are brave and strong and beautiful!.


  15. Hi Georgia! My name is Kristen and I am from the great state of Pennsylvania. I live in the little town of Gettysburg, where part of the Civil War was fought. The property I live on actually borders one of the battlefields. Cool, huh?

    Just dropping by to say hello, let you know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. What a lovely and brave young woman you are. Lots of love!

  16. hello from newburgh indiana! love your web design. stay tough georgia!

  17. Hugs from Pennsylvania!

  18. Indiana here, stay positive! You are in my thoughts and prayers


  19. Arizona: so nice to meet you, thanks for sharing your story with us! YOu are so strong and determined, I will keep you in my prayers!

  20. I'm in South River, New Jersey!! Just found your blog through C Jane. Sending love and support from the Garden State!!!
    -Kacey Farrell

  21. Oh, I see others are trying to get you antarctica too! I'm not there, but I live in Adelaide in South Australia and we frequently have antarctic winds here. Brrrr - very cold! Hope you are having a great day!

  22. Hi Georgia!
    I'm not sure if you are still looking for a comment from Spain... but here I go.

    I hope you recover pretty soon and all my love for you!

    Big hugs and kisses from Barcelona (Spain)


  23. Hi Georgia
    I found you through cjane, and even though I can't help you fill out your US map.. I can adda little international touch. I'm writing from Aalborg, Denmark in Northern Europe.
    Take care - love Nathalie

  24. Prayers from Weston, West Virginia!

  25. True Jersey Girl here! Sending you all my love and prayers!!!!

  26. Hello Georgia -- i live in Wynnewood Pennsylvania! Our town is right outside Philadelphia. We are not to far form the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I hope you an come visit some day!

    Jennifer Kleeman

  27. Another New Jersey here, just to make sure you have enough of the Garden State! Good Luck :)

  28. Hey Georgia!! I was introduced to your blog from my friend in London. My name is Jen and I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You are a real inspiration! I am a cancer survivor myself and my Dad was diagnosed with AML this past summer, so I have an understanding of everything you are going through. You are so amazing!! Keep up the good work and the positive attitude. I love your site. Orange is my favorite. I will be keeping track of your progress and will certainly keep you in my prayers :)

  29. Good thoughts and wishes coming to you from New Jersey!! :)

  30. Hi! Born in New Jersey, now live in Allentown, PA. (Yup, THE Allentown from the Billy Joel song!) Heard about you from C Jane. Keep the faith!

  31. cute blog! Loving it fropm Lafayette Indiana!

  32. Hello little miss cutie Georgia!
    These greetings come from Wild Wonderful West Virginia!
    I found you throught CJane... she is so lucky to be your friend!
    Hope you have a good day doll!

  33. Looks like you already have missouri, but since you love to read ( just like i LOVE to read) how about a comment from Hannibal Missouri, home of mark twain and tom sawyer????
    Prayers coming your way you little cutie pie! Come visit me on my blog! i have three cute kids!
    love, jl kaylor

  34. Hi Georgia! Im Marlee! My momma left a comment on here, we are from Hannibal, Mo--the home of Mark Twain! I wanted to leave a comment too! Im seven! Do you like care bears? Love, Marlee kaylor
    moms email is
    our family blog is there are pics of me on there!!

  35. Hi Georgia,

    My name is Shelley. I am Stacey Barber's sister and I live in Michigan. I am going to post your blog on my facebook and hopefully you will fill up your map :)

    Your pics are adorable!!! I love the one with the bubbles. Looks like you have LOTS of friends and family sending prayers from all over the world - how cool is that!! Just know that extra prayers are being sent from Michigan!! Stay strong and keep fighting the Monster. You are so brave!!

    Love you,
    Shelley Curl

  36. Hi Georgia & Family,

    I got some friends in those states and passed along your blog so hopefully we can tackle those in the next couple days! : ) So glad to hear you are doing well...we are anxiously awaiting this Friday along with you. My 2 year old son's teacher passed on this meaning of PUSH and I thought you would like it...

    P - pray
    U - until
    S - something
    H - happens

    So keep PUSHING Georgia! You are doing awesome!

    Dianna & Will Bacon

  37. Good morning Georgia! Last night we we got home from Jeff's birthday roadtrip to Waco, we were surprised to find our wonderful "Georgia" bracelets waiting for us! They are sooooooo cool. As one of the people who voted for orange, you can bet I love the color in particular. Although, I have been giving the poll a lot of thought and have tried to guess what it is. I would
    like to officiallly change my vote to pink if that is ok with y'all. Baby Evelyn surprised me this morning with just about being five months old! I can't believe it at all. Time really does go by so fast! She is now saying "agooo" which is obviously baby for "Georgia" and she also says something that Owen is firmly convinced is "dig"... So that is it! We all love you all and glad to hear all the good news!!
    Aunt Meghan, Uncle Jeff Owen and Evelyn

  38. Hi Georgia! We got behind but here's your joke/riddle/pun of the day.

    What gets wetter the more it dries?

    A towel.

  39. I love you

  40. well you just can't believe it but one of those flip movies got stuck in space when i sent it to shelly,aunt stacey's sister...i had to call in tech support and in clearing it up i now seem to have to write you under can this go so smooooooth for others ....perhaps i should not try that multi media,AUNT SHEARIN

  41. Hi Georgia! I'm thinking of you all the way from Puerto Natales, Chile, where even though it's summer, it's still only 50 degrees.Please know that if I could send you a penguin, I would in a second. Yea for southern South America!

  42. hi georgia! you are one sweet peach! i just love your much so that we named our dog (a brittany spaniel) georgia. thinking of you and enjoying your blog!
    cynthia...from new jersey

  43. I really love the new blog design. And Ben & I cannot wait to get your bracelets.

    Lots of love from right here in Austin. :)
    -Allie (Ben Porter's mom)

  44. Greetings from Wayne, PA in southeastern Pennsylvania near Valley Forge Park. Keep smilin' Georgia!

  45. Hi honey bunny. :)

    Just a shout-out to your nurse Ivy... We don't want her feeling left out, do we?

    Cold day here in St. Louis... David had his Pinewood Derby race for the Boy Scouts this past weekend. He (and Jay) carved their little wood car into a strip of bacon... and then David and I had to paint it so it would look like bacon. I had to fry up a piece of bacon so that we could mix the colors correctly. Guess what? My dog ate the bacon before we could paint, so we had to fry another one up. Anyway, good news is that he got a trophy for "Funniest Design". The baconmobile was a hit!

    Well, that's all of the exciting news that I have to share. Hope you are feeling strong today.

    Tell your mom hi from me. I was just thinking what fun I had in the spring in Austin & San Antonio with you all.

    Love u oodles.


  46. Checkin' in from Atlantic Beach, Florida, girl. Keep up your great attitude!

  47. Hi Georgia-
    I am a Georgia too! There aren't many of us, are there? You keep on fighting, girl!! Never give up, never give in. We Georgias are pretty special. By the way, I am in Texas, and saw all about you on Facebook through Shelley Curl. Hugs to you, Georgia.

    Georgia from Texas

  48. simon says hi. hey i've read all your great blogs and heard you're doing well.I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lincoln says hi too. XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  49. Hi My Dear Georgia !
    This is a miracle because with the help fron Edie I can now Blog! You are my first Blog. My name is Sandy and I have been a friend of Lolly's for over 40 years.I just wanted to tell you that you are one amazing little girl.I am praying for you daily and will give an extra prayer for Fri. the 29th. By the way, that lasagna sounds really good!Give a big hug to your mom and to Lolly. My love and prayers.

  50. Well Georgia,I think you should get the "I can make you blog award"You have gotten some (older)people posting.I do it with the help of my new friend from India,Vijay Rajk.That's V as in victory,I as in intrepid,J as in judicial A as in avantgarde, Y as in yodel but you can call him Bob.Hope you have some time to visit with Ivy after you girls read all your mail...Love Aunt Shearin

  51. Hello Georgia,
    Thinking of you tonight and sending lots of love and positive vibes!! A couple of weeks ago I got to sing with the Hildegirls (a local all women's singing group in town). I couldn't stop thinking of you as I was singing many beautiful and empowering songs with about 100 other women of all ages. Claire and Andrea were there too!

    Keep shining bright, sweet one! I love this blog, it is so cool!!

    Blessings to you and your family,
    Lisa (Ivy's teacher)

  52. Hello Georgia,
    It was so good to hear your voice today!! You sounded so good. Please know how I love you and many many friends sending prayers for you. You are blessed to have such a dear family and so many friends.
    Can you send me some bracelets?? I would love to pass them out to some friends. Keep the faith and know our Lord is carrying you.
    Hugs and kisses from Bacardi and the gang. Give Ivy a big hug and kiss from me too!

  53. Hi Georgia! Sending warm thoughts your way from the Caribbean- St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. What a great blog you've got. Thanks for sharing. Here's to a healthy recovery!! :)

  54. Hi from Antarctica Georgia!

    I heard you were missing the southern continent so I wanted to post and tell you that you have a great blog! You go girl. It is great seeing someone so brave! I love the color of the website as well. Everything is so white here :) I'm at McMurdo Station, which is located off the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. It is pretty cold today but the penguins like it!

    Stay strong!