Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the winner is ...


In celebration of Georgia's Day 29 procedures tomorrow, we opened up "Daddy's Barbershop" and gave her a new "do" - with the color courtesy of YOU! We had ourselves a real barn-burner of a poll there, folks, but ultimately, Pink edged out Purple and Green by three votes. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Now Georgia is ready for action in the morning, and we'd love all the prayers, healing thoughts, and good vibrations you can spare so that when the results come back (probably not until Wednesday), she can be deemed a Rapid Early Responder and, more importantly, officially in Remission! Imagine that, going from Diagnosis to Remission in four weeks. If anyone can do it, we know Georgia can, and your continued support plays a big part in her success, so keep it up!

And in case you hadn't noticed, our US map is nearly full, and as of yesterday, we've received comments from EVERY continent! Check the posts from 1/23 and 1/26, and you'll see two comments from scientists stationed in Antarctica right now - how cool is that? So if we could just get some love from Big Sky Country (we're looking at you, Montana and North Dakota!), Georgia's Quest for World Domination will be complete! And even if your state or country has already been counted, let us know where you're from anyway - Georgia likes to imagine all of the people reading her blog and learning about ALL, so say hi and tell us something about your little corner of the world. And after Georgia beats leukemia, you can all come over for ice cream. ; )


  1. Heard that Kimber,Bryan,Nelson and Simon got you all set up with your own kindel...The boys love theirs.You can get a new book in no time.I can really not believe it. I also saw a cute little pink booklight that will be coming your way..I saw that crazy haircut .Don't get to attached to that easy to keep look.I think your mom likes it on your dad but plans to have you back in pixy
    in no time.I have a little surprize coming in the mail soon.Also,I heard you may be getting a post that will be just out of this world .....Keep looking..Love to Georgia ,Ivy and all the family...Aunt Shearin

  2. Hello! My name is Abigail and I am from Missoula, Montana. A girlfriend from boarding school , when I was just 12 years old, Allie Render Porter, has a son in your class and she was telling me that you are trying to get people from every State to write on your here I am...Montana! I am now going to go back and read your blog since I know nothing to less about lukemia. I am 38 years old and know nothing about lukemia....? How can that b, off to learn! Love, Abigail

  3. Wowee! Look at you Georgia!! Looks like pink dominated! Love it! It would be amazing if you were in remission already! Wouldn't that be GREAT!? We can't wait to send your little pressent to you and Ivy! Love you! Claire

  4. Hello Georgia,

    Very cute hair! You're a brave girl.

    I'm a friend of Trent's (we've acted together a bunch) and he pointed me in the direction of your blog.

    Hope you have a great day, and big hugs from NYC.


  5. Hello fighther!! I am from North Dakota! I heard you needed a comment from someone way up north- and here ya go. All I have to say Georgia is I know you can do this. I have a 3 year old niece who has ALL, she is fighting and so can you! Her name is Adyson, and she has one more year of treatment to go! All I have to say is keep at it and good luck to you in the future!

    Mari Schroeder

  6. Georgia!!!!! Love love love the new punk rock 'do!! You are totally awesome. Hands down.

    Aunt Meghan

  7. Hi Georgia! Cool hair!

    We have two for you today:

    Two silkworms had a race.
    They ended up in a tie.

    What has one head, one foot, and four legs?

    A bed.

  8. I was working on Montana but someone else came through...Hope you liked the flip movie of the boys and Kimber working out and Trace with his original song.I will be thinking of you all day.We love you,Aunt Shearin

  9. so I guess the next vote is going to be about what flavors of ice cream you should stock up on for the big celebration!! xoxo

    LOVE the pink hair!

  10. Hi Georgia! I'm a friend of Lolly's and am one of the Leslie Girls. I finally found your blog (since I'm not great with the took me a while!) I love it! It is so interesting to read about all that you do and all the people you have heard from! How cool is it to have a message from Antarctica?! You're the only person I know who achieved that!! I will be sending you and Ivy a little something in the mail soon. You have done so well!I am praying for great results on day 29 and from here on! I want to come over for ice cream!!! :-)
    Love, Becky
    P.S. I like your pink "do"

  11. Hey Georgia,
    Just wanted to let you know that we're thinking of you lots on this cold, snowy day here in Asheville, NC. We're expecting 14 inches (again), and I am so over it!!

    I do love the pink hair, and I'm sure you brightened everyone's day today with that little bit of sassy!!

    We'll be keeping you in our prayers and can't wait to hear some great news next week.

    Love, Tracy

    P.S. - I'm working on China and South America if my brother can just figure out how to leave a comment!!

  12. Hi Georgia! I love the surprise- Pink Hair ! I voted for pink, too. I love the Thank-You note you sent me with the cute outfit on the front. You are one talented little girl, but that does not surprise me. Your Lolly has to be one of the most talented people I know !I have been praying for you all day today.I know deep in my heart that you are going to beat this cancer because you have such a good attitude.From my experience with breast cancer, a positive attitude is the most important thing.Take care and remember that there are hundreds of people who are thinking and praying for you daily. My Love to all, Sandy

  13. I love the hair--you could be a rock star! Also, our bracelets came today and I am wearing mine as I type. Hope the day at the clinic went well today--I printed off your pink hair photo and took it to GiGi--and also took her some bracelets for her to give out.Talk to you soon. We love you--Aunt Lee

  14. Dear Georgia,
    You look beautiful!! Pink is your color! My name is Donalee Strand and I am a 4th grade teacher in Hatton, ND. I had heard through a friend of an aunt of yours that you hadn't gotten a message from the great state of North Dakota, so here it is!!! My prayers are with you that you will feel the arms of Jesus wrapped tightly around you! My sister has cancer too, so I know that it is annoying!! I can tell though from your blog, that you are a very positive person, so is my sister! That wonderfully fun attitude will just scare that old cancer away!!!! Keep it up young lady, you are making the world a better place just by being you! WIth prayers for getting well, Donalee Strand

  15. Love the do!! You're rocking that pink mohawk :p Best wishes from Sandnes, Norway

  16. Dear Georgia,
    Love the new hair do! Is pink your favorite color? My grandmother just gave me and my sister the AWESOME bracelets! I will not take it off till you are better and going to school! There is a lot of people caring for you and wishing you the best. We hope for the best for you!

    The Wolff Family (Lisa, Jim, Barrett, and Carson Wolff)

  17. Well good news..Simon's team won their game today.In his league if you turn 12 by the middle of July of this year you can that really makes him a young player.There are alot of big boys playing. Ava spent the night with me so I took her to the game and back to her dad.He had the twins because Stacey was out of town for three nights.He had put Ella's hair in a pony tail(not her best look) and put many unmatching clips to hold it up. He said he could not be worried about the clips ,he was just surprised when he got a pony tail.He is a great dad and can do everything.Last night he fried fish for their dinner...alot of trouble....Ava made a dress for her build a bear (a cat named Beans)We used a little glitter glue (if you don't have any I'll send you some)and by the time we left the game her daddy had held it and he was all sparkles,like Christmas at the shop.I got the pics of you in the hats I sent and I loved them all.I think the pink tam might be my favorite... Love to all. P. S. I love to read all the great blogs.

  18. Hello Georgia!
    My name is Allie Ciulla, I am Will's neice.
    Dianna has told me so much about you and how beautiful you are. I am indeed a Leukemia survivor of 15 years.
    Georgia, fight this battle. you can do it!
    your'e in my prayers everyday!
    I sent an email about wanting 2 bracelets, do they cost anything?
    You can email me anytime.

    God Bless!
    -- Allie Ciulla

  19. Hi Georgia -- I didn't vote, but if I had, I would've chosen pink. It looks fabulous on you! I hope Friday went well, and I'll check in to hear the results. We're all thinking of you.
    Lissa, Steve, Evan & Ryan

  20. I love the new do, Georgia! Very punk rock!

  21. Hi Georgia!
    We love reading your website. It is so cool. We know that you are doing so much better and can't wait until we can visit again. Tell your mommy hello. We love you all so much, Wolffs
    P.S. you can email Carson at:

  22. Hi Georgia, I am JoAnn. I was a Leslie shop "girl" (even at my age we still seem to call ourselves girls,image that) and one of Lolly's traveling buddies. I want to confess that I voted more than once,actually three times for my favorite color! I hope that's not cheating! I LOVED your pink mohawk! You really ROCK!! Lolly gave me my bracelet today and I plan on wearing it until you win your battle with ALL. You are so precous to all that know you! Me included. Ice Cream is one of my favorites and I think an ice cream party is a great idea. May we have toppings? Keep up your great attitude and know that I think and pray for you and your wonderful family everyday. Hugs from JoAnn

  23. Wow! Nice hair! So that's what the favorite color was all about. Clever, clever, clever.
    We're all praying for you here and (as we found out today) apparently everyone's prayers are being answered. But I'll let you announce the big news. Far be it from me to steal your thunder.
    We love you and miss you and hope that things keep improving for you. Oh, and we hope you enjoy your Kindle. Remember, it's up to you to fill it up with Nancy Drew!

    Lots of love,
    Nelson and the Holmes family