Friday, April 28, 2017

One Day More

We're channeling one of Poppa's favorite musicals tonight as we prepare for the BIG DAY tomorrow! One more day! One day more! or One day MOORE! : )

We started this party weekend off right tonight with a reception for Ivy's award-winning poem, "Pearl Whiskers," which is about the albino catfish she caught at camp this summer. A college art student then created a piece inspired by the poem, and Ivy got a cool poster of it, along with some other prizes. GG came to town for all of the festivities, and today happens to also be her 99th birthday! We do that a lot around here - double- and triple-up our celebrations! 

Tomorrow, of course, is THE DAY, and as tired as I should be from the past month of non-stop action, I may hardly sleep tonight! We've got a great party, the blood drive, and a special dinner to round out the day, and we'll be giving thanks at every turn. In order to move forward, it helps to look back, so we'll leave you with these final three moments to remember - from the last April 29th we celebrated in style. Thank you, Friends of Georgia! See you tomorrow!!!

Georgia, Champion of the World


APRIL 29TH in Pictures 

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