Friday, April 14, 2017

Hair Raising Austin

She's ready to pull her hair out!

Luckily, she can leave it up to the professionals and their clippers tomorrow! The shave gets underway at High Noon, and if you're local, we'd LOVE to see you there! Whether you can make it or not, if you've got a Georgia shirt, wear it tomorrow and send us a picture! Your support, of all kinds, has meant the world to us, and as the clock ticks down to The Big Day, we're feeling it more and more.

Georgia is just out of first place for the event, so let's see if she can break $11K before the hair hits the floor tomorrow. Click HERE to donate!

And speaking of clicking, check out THIS article on our amazing girl! It's so nice for her to have the opportunity to share her own story, and she did a great job. Plus, she got to talk shop with a fellow newspaper editor as a bonus. Win-win!

We'll share shave pictures and a re-cap as soon as we can - THANK YOU, Friends of Georgia!

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