Thursday, April 20, 2017

Georgia Braves the Shave

Two SUPER Survivors - Georgia and Keagan!

 Before shot with Poppa - he's a three-time shavee and Squire of Hope!

 The Mighty Peachy Keens!

In the zone ...

Let the buzzing begin!

I have a thousand baby pictures of this exact look. *pang*

A lot going on behind these eyes - listening intently to her story being read ...

 Finishing up, and exhaling.



Media queen - she rocked it.

"It feels so weird!"

Thank you, Ezra, for braving the shave!

Cueball Peachy Keens!

 They're going to be doing that a lot for the next few weeks. Speaking from experience.

All smiles!

 Ann Richards Stars in the house! Thank y'all for the great pictures!

 After with Keagan. Georgia's head matches Barbie's.

The Unstoppable, Amazing Becky Nichols!

Minis & Friends posing and passing out smooches.


Shine on, my love.

Clinic friends Caren and Rhea

After with Poppa.

After with Mr. Smith, Georgia's art teacher.

The gang's all here! And look at their awesome t-shirts!

Lolly and Poppa love their girls.

Sister Power! Two shavees!

I had to. And I need a haircut.

 All the feelings this day. Thank you, everyone, for the love!

And don't forget - Georgia will be fundraising through the end of the year! Click HERE to donate. Also, keep an eye out for a possible third run of her "Lucky Charms" t-shirt! Have a great weekend!

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