Saturday, September 3, 2016

Seven Septembers

This is the seventh Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we've marked since Georgia was diagnosed. Hard to believe! We've raised a lot of awareness, hope, and funds for research in that time, and we have a lot to be grateful for. But sometimes, when we are reminded yet again that this is a lifelong journey, we get a bit tired. For the past week, Georgia has been dealing with another bout of significant fatigue and low blood pressure. A very full set of labs tell us that she is okay, and although her echo was normal in June, we are monitoring her blood pressure just in case. All this to say, for now, we're going to chock it up to a mystery virus - again. She started bouncing back over the last couple of days and should be ready to go when swim practice starts up on Tuesday! Thinking positive, as always! Even when it's hard to do. : )

And as a reminder, this is why we do what we do - during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and every month. Some of these statistics are improving, but the biggest one isn't. In fact, up until a few weeks ago, we believed that worldwide, a child is diagnosed with cancer every 3 minutes. Research now tells us that it's every 2 minutes. We're moving backwards, and that is not acceptable. Please share this infographic (click to see the full view), make a donation, donate blood, or join us at an event this month - just please do something for these kids. For Georgia.

Happy Seventh September, friends, and thank you for your continued support and for keeping our girl on your mind.

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