Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just Imagine

I had a doctor's appointment today, and as I was waiting - and waiting - I once again gave thanks for my health and uneventful (save for two precious babies) medical history. And then I thought of Georgia and the full binder she will bring to *every* doctor's appointment for the rest of her life - especially those appointments that result from the toll treatment takes on a child's body. We have to do better, friends. We not only have to save these kids, but also ensure the long, healthy lives they deserve. And that's why we wholeheartedly support the St. Baldrick's Foundation and do whatever we can to raise awareness, hope, and funds for research. Just imagine if everyone did something ...

St. Baldrick's Foundation - Just Imagine from St. Baldrick's Foundation on Vimeo.

Someone who is doing their part in the fight against cancer is featured in our next moment to remember, when Georgia was invited to a special photo shoot, one of many cool opportunities she was given during treatment and after. There's that positive spin again! : )

First swim practice of the season tomorrow! I'll be there watching and cheering and giving thanks because even though Georgia has some challenges now and may have more in the future, she's here and she's thriving and she's amazing. How lucky we are!

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