Friday, August 6, 2010

Home Stretch

Really - it is! Georgia completed her last 4-day treatment yesterday, so it's all downhill to maintenance from here. Pretty much. There is that little business of the last round of Erwinia shots, but they are the LAST round, so she's keeping her eye on the finish line and powering through.

The past two weeks went much smoother than the last time she had these medicines, but it wasn't exactly a walk in the park. She got her first (and hopefully, last) spinal headache, which lasted nearly a week, but it seems to be subsiding finally, and her appetite is coming back. Rest is the best medicine, so we're making sure she's taking it easy, especially since her numbers are pretty low across the board. That said, just being this close to the end keeps her motivated and energized - as do other special goings-on ...

Like? First of all, if you've seen Will Ferrell on television lately, you'll notice that he is wearing his Georgia bracelet! STILL! He's been promoting his new movie, The Other Guys, and several folks have told us they saw him with the bracelet on, so we've been keeping an eye out, too. It's been the cause of much excitement around here, I can tell you. How cool is that?

Also cool - Georgia was invited to pose for the cover of LIVESTRONG Quarterly with some other kids from the clinic and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He's on the board of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and besides being a world-class physician, he's also a really nice guy. Georgia was very honored to be asked, and luckily, she felt great this morning and really enjoyed the photo shoot:

Georgia and Dr. Gupta LIVESTRONG!

Sunday is the "world premiere" of Georgia's claymation project from film camp earlier this summer, so if she's up to it, we're headed to the theatre to see it on the big screen. Then we're headed back to the clinic on Monday, and if her counts are good, she'll start the last round of shots and get some IV medicine, too. Little by little, we're crossing things off the treatment plan, and she's feeling better and getting stronger every day - thanks, in big part, to her treatment team and to all of you.

Plus, our girl can move mountains.


  1. Keep powering through like always Georgia, prayers are headed your way! And, goodness you just keep getting more and more famous! I hope you got your hat, if you did post some pics! I'd love to see it on you! Love....Claire P.S.-since i have started a blog(Bean's World), my comment name is now "Bean"!

  2. So much going happy you are feeling great! We had our first training run this morning with the NEW team for winter season...I told Allie's story for the mission moment and your story will be shared the first weekend of September....either Will or I will tell it! You continue to be an inspiration to us all! Lots of hugs your way!
    -Dianna Bacon

  3. Miss Georgia, I continue to be amazed by your blog and your unbelievable strength!!!! I am so glad you can finally see the end of your treatment.I am so proud of you and your family for the endurance you all have shown throughout this difficult healing process.I will continue to keep you in my prayers.God does amazing miracles.God Bless.Sandy Mangum

  4. That is super cool about Will Ferrell and his Georgia bracelet!!!! We liked him before, but now we REALLY like him! And with all the billboards and magazine covers, we feel like you are our special celebrity! And by the way, you are so very photogenic!!!!