Sunday, May 1, 2016

Swimmers, Take Your Mark

After hitting Friday's big milestone, Georgia joined some of her gaggle at the beach for a Sweet Sixteen celebration. She came back tired, happy, and a wee bit sunburned, but it was a great weekend to just be a normal teenager - something we are so grateful for. She got back to town just in time for this year's swim banquet, and once again, she made us very proud. Academic All-District and the award for Most Improved. Coach talked about how impressive it is to pick up a sport that your competitors have been involved with for many, many years, and then make so much progress in a relatively short amount of time. He said she works hard and that she's really coming into her own - she's learned how to race! Afterwards, Georgia said she can't wait to get back to training and that she wants to push herself with workouts this summer. We all know what amazing things she can do when she puts her mind to it, so look out! She's going to just keep swimming and see where it takes her.

We agreed that one of those awards really belongs to Daddy -
can you guess which one?

One-third of the mighty Ann Richards swim team!

And now to begin the countdown to Georgia's Official Cancer-Freedom! For our first two of 28 moments to remember, we have to start at the beginning. Our first two posts on the blog (in BOLD below), when we were still trying to understand what was happening and how we were going to navigate our way through it. Even though it was hard to know what to say, I'm so glad we have those moments to look back on and to compare to where we are now. Always, always giving thanks.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day One
Two days ago, Georgia's 10th birthday, she was admitted to Dell Children's Hospital for testing. Yesterday, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a very common, very curable cancer of the blood.

Today, she began her first round of chemotherapy, and she and her team - the Peachy Keens - are confident she will win this fight. ALL never had a chance!

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