Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fired Up

This morning, Georgia sent me this text: Got set on fire today - Happy Wednesday!

Goofball. There was a quick video that went with it, mostly giggling. She loves chemistry on a regular day, so I can only imagine the level of excitement today!

Then a couple of hours later, I got a call from the nurse, telling me that Georgia was bitten by fire ants out in the courtyard. She said she didn't appear to be allergic, but she was very uncomfortable and might need to go home. By the time I got there 20 minutes later, she was covered with hives from head to toe, and I had a flashback to the horrible allergic reaction she had to the PEG shot during treatment. I dosed her up with Benadryl, and we went to the closest urgent care facility. A steroid shot and thirty minutes later, she was feeling much better, and the swelling and itching had started to subside. She said, "Good. Because I need to get back to school." Unstoppable.

This Saturday, I'll be reading in the Austin Listen to Your Mother show. Rehearsals have gone well, and I am so impressed and inspired by the other writers. Some really, really talented folks. If you're local and would like to be similarly inspired, the link for tickets is on the graphic below. I wonder who #2 could be? : )


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