Sunday, May 15, 2016

May Daze

The end of the school year is upon us in full force, and the special events keep coming. After weeks of study and preparation, Georgia took her first Advanced Placement exam (World History) on Thursday. Her teacher has gone above and beyond in helping the girls get ready, but they have taken a lot of initiative themselves in organizing extra study groups and sharing materials. The proof was definitely in the pudding when I asked Georgia how it went, and she said, "I felt like I had taken that test before." Yes!

Thursday night, we were back at school for the Trustee Award ceremony. The high school girls are recognized for Academic Excellence if they have maintained at least a 3.5 GPA for the year, and those that are in the top 10% of the class are also recognized with the Trustee Award. So guess what happened ...

Making the good governor, and us, proud every day.

Now she's 2 for 2 and wants to go 4 for 4 - a lofty goal, for sure, but with her dedication and love of learning, I think it's definitely within reach!

Saturday, Ann Richards was a stop on the WEST Austin Studio Tour, a city-wide art event. We had student and professional art for sale, the proceeds from which will benefit the Art Department. The whole gang turned out to help with set up and, Georgia's specialty, face painting.

Or arm painting. Actually, Emily looks like she's about to donate blood ...

... which we gladly would have accepted at our annual blood drive today! Despite the off-and-on rain, we had a great turnout and collected 20 units of blood PLUS over $200 for the St. Baldrick's Foundation! We had lemonade and other treats available for donation, and neighborhood children joined us once again to offer support for the cause. Georgia was back at the face painting table, and everyone, big and small, loved our extra special surprise - an ice cream truck! Our community has been so generous for such a long time (this includes all of YOU!), and we are always grateful when people return each year to help save lives with blood donations and childhood cancer research funding. Thank you, one and all!

Our third moment to revisit in the countdown to Official Cancer-Freedom is from Georgia's bone marrow biopsy the week after she began treatment. Looking back at these first few weeks, I'm still amazed at how much information we had to process so quickly. Writing on this blog helped to break it down and allowed us to understand it better by sharing it. Thank you for reading every word!

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