Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick But No Treat

Boo. Georgia was sick yesterday, so she missed out on all of the Halloween festivities. I picked her up early from school, and when we got home, she crashed for four hours. She felt a bit better when she woke up, but an hour later, she was ready for bed. She never had fever, thankfully, and whatever it was seemed to be gone by this morning. I told her about the school Halloween carnival I missed when I had chicken pox in 4th grade and how for trick-or-treating the next week, Lolly made me wear a sweater over my costume - which was a hula outfit. Kinda took away from the authenticity, I think.

So no official Halloween pictures to share, but luckily, our favorite "bookworm" and can-can dancer made an appearance at the Parkside Fall Festival last weekend:

SO happy to see old friends!

Sack race with under-the-sea facepaint

Ivy and Gracelyn, set to trick-or-treat

And today, Happy Birthday to the best Daddy ever!


  1. Happy birthday to Mr. Awesome! Yay! He's obviously well-loved by and IN love with his girls! Sorry Peach didn't feel good-- is she better now?!! Ivy looked adorable! Love to you all!!!

  2. Sorry Georgia didn't feel well:( You all looked great in your costumes! Is Georgia wearing red Tom's? I LOVE THEM:)
    Love Claire:)

  3. Happy Birthday Trevor! How could it not be with those beautiful girls on each arm?

    -The Bacons :)