Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Highs and Lows

All is well - just a quick update. Monday's clinic appointment brought with it low counts, as in "your-ANC-is-370" low. Luckily, we've all had our flu shots (have you?!), but we've stepped up (even more than usual) our Moore Family Infection Prevention Protocol (TM), which mostly involves a lot of hand washing, dish washing, and clothes washing. And we're holding chemo meds until Georgia's next appointment on the 17th, so it's all antibiotics, all the time, for now.

So them's the lows. As for the highs - Georgia is feeling pretty great and is on target to bring home another stellar report card next week. And we've got big plans for this holiday weekend, starting with tickets to see "The Cake Boss on Tour" at the Paramount Theatre tomorrow night. Then it's off to herd those painted cows at the auction on Sunday, where we hope to see a lot of money raised for the clinic and Superhero Kids! Gonna be a fun one!

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