Friday, November 18, 2011

Auction: Part Moo

Here are just a few of our favorite cows - really, they were all wonderful. Just prepare for pun overload! And the clip at the end is a video of the video Georgia made at the clinic. It's kind of hard to hear her over the auction crowd (we were all still processing the fact that ""Cowch" had just sold for $150,000!), so I'm hoping to get a copy of the original clip and will post it if I do.

In other news, yesterday's clinic visit went well, but Georgia's ANC is still pretty low (520), so we're holding her oral chemotherapy meds for two more weeks. She's had the croopy-coughy-crud (actual diagnosis, right?), so that's probably not helping anything, but hopefully, the time off - plus steroids and her antibiotic - will get that white count back up to normal. She's feeling good and brought home another straight-A report card. That girl!


Hill Country BeauxVine and Cheese

Bat Cow!


Texas Moosicians

Gilded Lily

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