Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tick Tock

How is it December already?! Next thing you know, it'll be a very special girl's 12th birthday! Time does fly, indeed.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving in San Antonio with both of Georgia's great-grandmothers and cousins and aunts and uncles to spare. We've almost got all of the Christmas decorations up, and tomorrow, it's back to the clinic to check counts. It looks like Georgia will have two more appointments this month, but hopefully NOT on her birthday! Been there, done that.

In fact, we're nearing the two year anniversary of Georgia's diagnosis, which also happens to be the day after her birthday and New Year's Eve AND our wedding anniversary. We like to double- and triple-up on our special occasions around here - we're very organized like that. But it sure makes card-buying difficult. : )

So we're looking forward to the next few weeks of fun and festivities and will probably kick things off by watching one of our favorite holiday movies: Elf! And starting today, you can help Georgia's pal, Will, raise money for Cancer for College by entering to win an autographed copy of the movie!

See you next month!

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