Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Insert Cow Pun Title Here

To say that the CowParade Austin Auction was a ginormous success (and a whole bunch of fun to boot) is a ginormous understatement. Two days later, we are still trying to come down from the rafters! After the herd of 40 live auction cows and 20+ silent auction cows were spoken for, nearly $1.5 million was raised for Superhero Kids and the Children's Blood and Cancer Center - amazing! The house was a-rockin' for sure, and we celebrated with friends old and new each time the gavel went down. There was just so much happening, I have to split my on-the-scene report into two posts - my fingers probably couldn't handle it all at once. So, we start at the top:

Samia and John Joseph, the founders of Superhero Kids, are two of the nicest, most gracious people you'll ever met. They were genuinely shocked by the wild success of the event, but I know they are thrilled with the amount of help they can offer families at the clinic well into the future. Congratulations and THANK YOU, Samia and John!

Georgia and Ivy test out "Cowch" - which turned out to be the world record-breaking cow,
fetching $150,000. I'm sure their little booty prints in the cushion are what did it.

True royalty. And Miss Austin was there, too.

Another $150K-er, the Vince Young Champion Longhorn - the only one ever created in over 70 cow auctions around the world. Which, I guess, explains why Georgia is making antlers on Ivy's head, and Ivy is flashing the "Hang Loose" sign. Where have I gone wrong?

 We were very pleasantly surprised to run into Dick and Tweety Eastland,
the directors of Camp Mystic - so great to catch up with them!

Georgia and the rest of the Superhero Kids (including our good friend, Caitlyn), 
presented a "Micro Moo" to one of the main event sponsors.

And this guy wanted a picture with Georgia.

More to come, including Georgia's video clip and some cow pictures. The artistry was very impressive - click here and scroll through the gallery to see some creative work!

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