Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simple Gifts

Most every Friday during the school year, the Parkside community gathers for group singing and movement. It is a very sweet, very cherished tradition called "Simple Gifts," as we begin each time with that beautiful song. This Friday, there was a special Simple Gifts celebration in Georgia's honor, and we want to thank Jacqui for shooting the videos, Magnus for making the beautiful flags for Primary II, and all of our other friends for wearing purple and sending Georgia their love! Special thanks to Joe and Claire (Directors/Angels), Catherine and Melvin (Georgia's teachers), and Toni and Lisa (Ivy's teachers). One of the biggest comforts in this whole experience is just being part of this community, this family, and feeling the love and support that surround both of our girls every day. We love all of you!

Ivy and Ava welcomed everyone

Magnus made flags for Primary II

Ivy led the "Sunrise" song

Upper El accentuates the positive

Grandparents Romy and Ratty get into the act

Cousins Owen and Evelyn don their purple, too!

Sorry, Daddy. Your purple Vikings jersey will have to wait until next season. : )

A message from Upper El

We have to post the longer video on YouTube, so we'll post the link once we get it loaded. And if you want to learn more about Parkside Community School, or Montessori education in general, click here.


  1. Hi Georgia!!! Purple was a big hit huh?? I am glad that we got to see more pics of your family! I also love your new hat! Speaking of hats...have you gotten the package from us yet? Today Gail and i had a snow day!We stayed inside to play though. Sisters are the greatest aren't they? I have a shout out to little Ivy: Hi Ivy,Keep up your loveto Georgia! She needs it:-) There are only so many good sisters like you that God throws out there. And they are pretty special:-D. Better end this post!

    Love You girls,

  2. Hi Georgia! We had a great day visiting last Friday. I'm glad we could be there to share your special day. I haven't told Uncle Jeff about putting Evelyn in your doll pram-- I'm not sure he will think it was as funny as we did! Well, we love
    you and can't wait to see y'all again!

    Aunt Meghan

  3. P.S. It looks like you and Ivy have a really awesome school!

  4. Wowee, what a cool day! That's better than toddlers and Model Ts and jars of beer! We're thinking of you always . . .

    Uncle Trent, Aunt Kate, and your crazy cousins.

  5. Hey Georgia, it's Jordan. Everyone looks awesome, especially Ivy with that purple hair. Sounds like that day was amazing. I hope you have been feeling better and I hope to see you again for more pizza and Idol. Love you guys!

    - Jordan

  6. Georgia!

    You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'm sending you lots of love and hope you have a Happy Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. hi georgia! when i was in 5th year at parkside you got cancer. I still remember when melvin told is that he thought you might not live and crying with Ava and Miki. You were always so nice to everyone and im so happy that you made it through and beat lukemia. You deserved to beat it and i knew you could do it! So much love and luck to you!