Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Final Frontier

Georgia has received comments here from someone in every state in the United States. She's also received comments from people in countries all over the world, from all seven continents, including two comments from some friendly scientists down in Antarctica. We have enjoyed reading every one of them and plotting them on our maps. But really, once you've conquered the world, what's a girl to do? How about have wonderful friends (Hi Michele! Hi Frank!) who work at NASA that can get you a comment from SPACE?!

Yup. Look what was in our inbox last night:

Dear Georgia:

My friend Michele tells me that you're a big space fan, so I thought you'd like to get an email from the space shuttle Endeavor. Right now we're 200 miles above the south Atlantic, headed for a rendezvous with the International Space Station. The view of Earth is breathtaking. Michele can tell you how to see the photos of the mission online.

Good luck with your chemotherapy.

With my best wishes,
Nicholas Patrick
STS-130 Mission Specialist

To infinity and beyond, indeed! Here's a picture of the whole shuttle crew, with our personal hero there on the far left:

This is his second shuttle mission, and this time, he'll be performing three space walks! Click here for more information about this mission, crew interviews, and training photos - so very cool. Unless we can work out some kind of Back to the Future time travel, I'm not sure we can top this!

Georgia had another long-ish day at the clinic yesterday, mostly because she needed two units of blood. Low hemoglobin counts are pretty par for the course during treatment, so she'll probably be getting more transfusions as we go. It takes about two hours per unit of blood, but she is always energized for several days afterward - giving her more power to fight! She was feeling a little puny yesterday morning, but so far, she seems to be fairly side effect-free after the new medicines, so that's a relief. After a short day today and tomorrow, she'll have three days to rest, and then we start all over again on Tuesday. She's doing so well though, we know she can do it!


  1. That is ridiculously COOL. Stay strong, fighter! You're amazing!

  2. That is so cool Georgia!! Space rocks! We got your valentines/letters today and we loved them! Thank you Ivy and Georgia!! We love you! Keep going strong!! You Rock!

    Love Claire

  3. So very cool, Georgia! I remember how excited you were to hear from Antarctica.... I can't imagine hering form SPACE.

    I was thinking that not only am I a mom, daughter, wife, friend, aunt, I'm also a FOG.

    Do you know what that is? Friend of Georgia. You have lots of FOGs out there, don't you?

    We love you oodles, and a special shout out to Nurse Ivy. :)

    Love, Missy

  4. WOW! Georgia, they are even thinking about you in SPACE! Extremely cool!

    I had my toenails painted purple this week so that I am wearing a bit of Georgia purple every day. Ben & I will keep thinking many good thoughts for you during this next phase of your treatment. Keep up the good work!

    -Allie Porter (Ben's mom)

  5. I can't imagine getting an email from space. What tales you will have to tell to your friends. We all enjoy reading your Mom's comments, and we are excited about each day that you are conquering this ALL. You are something else, Georgia. I can only imagine what God has planned for you to do in the future. You are so special, and we all love you. Beverly

  6. Hey, Georgia! I am one of Simon's friends, Emma. Just sayin' hey.
    Keep on rockin'!

  7. Wow, that is just plain cool! Rock on, Georgia!

  8. Georgia, these bracelets are cool!

    Your Friend,

  9. Well you and Michele out did yourselves on the last "out of this world" new friend .How very kind of him to take his time for our family.We will all be hoping that the NASA space program will be able to continue to teach and inspire us all.We pray that these smart doctors and scientist keep decovering wonderful things....I took a flip movie of Simon's class when they got their bracelets.Have you Mommie check her email. Keep warm and to all, Aunt Shearin

  10. That's awesome, Georgia! You just keep on going. Where's your next comment or email coming from?

  11. Hi Georgia! I haven't posted in a while, but WOW! I had to comment after reading about your friend from NASA! I don't think there are many people in this WORLD who can say they received a personal letter from SPACE! You are so very loved! We are pulling for you ALL the way! Much Love! Allison, Joel & Gentry

  12. Hey Georgia!

    Bella here! I hope you liked the letter from space! My mom told me the idea and i thought it was a great idea. I really hoppe you enjoyed the gifts too. I hope you are feeling better and I hoped you know that you are loved.

    Lots of Love from
    Bella and the rest of the people here
    (Simon, Juliette, and Nelson

  13. hi georgia i am in simons class and i hope you get better soon

    your friend