Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let The Consolidating Begin

Today was a long, LONG day at the clinic for Georgia's first day of the Consolidation phase of treatment. We checked in this morning at 7:45 am, and we left at 5:30 pm! She had a Lumbar Puncture with Intrathecal Chemotherapy (LP-ITC) and then two new IV medicines, one of which requires a lot of fluids before and after administration. We also got a prescription for her first oral chemotherapy medicine. While we're glad to be moving on to the next phase, it's a bit intimidating because there is a lot more to learn and a lot of "new" coming at us. Hopefully, Georgia will tolerate everything as well as she has so far, and if not, we've got medicines to help her through the side effects. But let's think positive, okay? : )

This phase of treatment is more intense than the initial Induction phase, so we're very thankful Georgia had last week "off" to gear up for it. For these next two weeks, she'll go to the clinic Tuesday-Friday, and then once or twice a week for the following two weeks. Rinse, repeat for another four weeks, minus any day surgery. This first month, she'll have one LP-ITC each week, plus one round of PEG shots in the third week (remember those from the hospital?). She and I figured out that over the next three phases of treatment (which are eight weeks each), she'll have to be "asleep" nine times (counting today) and have PEG shots six times. But she's ready - our girl is made of steel, y'all! And everyone, everyone, comments on how sweet she is. The absolute model patient.

We have more "purple pictures" to post (say that three times fast), and we've got a special announcement coming soon, so stay tuned. This week, we're really focused on this new phase of treatment, so please send all your positive energy and prayers Georgia's way. Thanks for always keeping her on your mind!


  1. "Hey there. This is Bo in Montana. I'm an old friend of your Uncle Trent's."

    That's exactly what Trent told me to say! Do you have anyone from Montana, yet?

    Sorry to hear about your illness. It sounds like you're doing well with your treatments - you must be very patient.

    I'll think of you when I listen to Willie Nelson :) Best wishes to you and the rest of your family.


  2. Hey Georgia,
    I know you are going to do great today and for the rest of the treatment! Everyone is prayin and we love you so much! Today i am finally back to school after 2 snow days plus a weekend! Anyway, stay strong through your treatment and know that there are people all over the world thinking about you:-)

    Love, Claire

  3. Hi Georgia! You continue to amaze us with your spirit and strength! We are thinking of you and sending good thoughts and hugs your way!
    LeThu & John

  4. Wow, such a trooper. I'd have buckled down and bawled, to be honest. You're amazing, and in our thoughts every day. Kisses and hugs from upstate NY!

    Stacy, Jojo and the Nugget

  5. Georgia,
    I loved seeing all the purple photos and especially the ones of Ivy leading the song--what a big girl she is becoming!!! We can not wait to see more purple pictures. We are thinking of you this week through your very busy time at the clinic and know you will do well. I bet they wish all of their patients were as easy as you. Have you gotten to meet Will Bacon yet? I thought he was coming to Austin sometime in February---take care . We love you and keep up the good work !!

    Aunt Lee

  6. Georgia and Courtney-
    What an amazing blog with friends from all over the world cheering for you, sweet friends!! You are terrific and I hold you all in my dearest prayers every day!
    All my love and kisses to you and your precious family!
    Kris Bissmeyer, San Antonio:)

  7. Hi Georgia! It was so much fun to see the video of all your friends on "Purple Day!" I can tell Ivy did a great job leading the song! I was so excited to receive your note today and glad you liked the Valentine "stuff"! The dress you designed on the front of the note is fabulous! I wonder if someone could make it for me!! I do expect to see your fashion designs on the runways and red carpets one of these days!! What talent!! Prayers and hugs, Becky

  8. Georgia,

    We're sending you and your family lots of love, prayers,strength and healing vibes. We'll be wearing purple on Fridays over here in your honor. You are just amazing and we hope that this phase of treatment goes smoothly with very few bumps.

    Martinique, Weldon, Austin, Rachel and Sebastian

  9. Big love and thinking of you, Georgia!

    LOVE the pix and video you put up. It was a beautiful sea of purple last Friday in the auditorium! Everyone loves you so much.

    Jannie (Kelly's Mom) "little" Kelly, in LE1

    And tons and tons and tons of WHOOSH love to you!!