Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peach Fuzz

So remember that special announcement I said was coming soon? Well, here it is: Next month, March 20th to be exact, we're shaving our heads for Georgia! Yes! The Peachy Keens are participating in St. Baldrick's - the world's largest volunteer-driven fundraising program for childhood cancer research - and showing our naked noggin support for Georgia and other children in treatment. Our event will be held at Dell Children's and will feature lots of great games and family activities besides "the mane event" - see how I made that pun there? Ha! We invite everyone to donate! come watch! or even better ... join us! I'm the Team Captain and Trevor and Georgia's Poppa are my wingmen, but we can always use more heads! All ages are welcome, and while some of us may have more to lose than others (ahem), it should be lots of fun for everyone. Georgia has graciously offered to share her hats with me, and she is really looking forward to seeing some of her doctors and nurses take a turn under the clippers. St. Baldrick's has funded more childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government, so we know this small sacrifice will make a big impact for all kids in the fight. Click on the logo over there in the sidebar to get to our team page - you can donate to the team or your favorite shavee, and all the funds raised will go to St. Baldrick's in honor of our superstar, Georgia Lee Moore! Thanks, y'all and we'll see you in the barber chair!


  1. I LOVE the St. Baldrick's fundraiser!! What a great idea! Yay to you inspiring, motivating, amazing Peachy Keens!!!

  2. Go Peachy Keens!!!! St. Baldricks souds AWESOME!! Great way to show the love! Love to the Moores and the rest ofthe peachy keens! Love-Claire

  3. Wow, I'm impressed. You all will look gorgeous sans that pesky hair. XOXOXO to your shiny domes and sweet Georgia!

  4. Hi Georgia..I was wondering if Uncle Tommy and your Dad get extra credit for having a dome head before everyone else.I have a new purple hat on the way to your house since I could not be there for the big day.Aunt Lee,G.G.,Simon,Nelson and I are planing to come up next weekend for a visit.We can't wait to see you and Ivy (and the cat that doesn't like us)Don't let her know we are coming....We will just surprise her.We are thinking about you every day.LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Aunt Shearin

  5. Georgia, we are so grateful for your support. Because of men and women (and teens, and kids) like you St. Baldrick’s has been able to raise more than $71 million for new research and a cure. Looking forward to seeing your new look and thank you for sharing your story. Your strength and perseverance throughout your treatment is an inspiration to the entire St. Baldrick’s community.

  6. Georgia, not only are YOU amazing, but your family is. I have known your mom since before we were your age, ... and I am always in awe of her. Give her a big ole kiss this weekend from me. And send her some HV love. :) I'm on the lookout for a fabulous hat you both can share...

    We had a long week, and are happy it is Friday! Tomorrow, Kate has her car race with her Indian Princess group. She is hoping it is the fastest car, and between you and me, I've never seen Mr. Golder spend so much time on a project... I kept asking him if was HER car or HIS car... David has a fun afternoon tomorrow... as a member of the St. Louis Rams Kids Club, he gets to go to the practice field, meet players, play games, have snacks, etc.... We just don't focus on the fact that the Rams only won one or two games this season... it will still be fun. As I type, Kate is helping David bake a cake for a Boy Scout event on Sunday, so the kitchen is a wreck. If you were here, I would put you to work with the cake decorating!

    Lots of St. Louis love to you all.


  7. Dear Georgia,
    Somehow my comments have not been reaching you.I think I now know what I was doing wrong ! I am still in awe that you received a comment from the space shuttle! You and your family are absolutely amazing.Everyday I cannot wait to open your blog to see what is happening.I Will be anxious to hear all about the Peach Fuzz Day on March 20.I loved seeing all the Purple pictures.I am looking for something purple to wear because I know it is your favorite color.Keep up the wonderful blog.I think of you and your family everyday. When is Lolly's picture going to appear ? Take care and God Bless. Love to all, Sandy Mangum

  8. Georgia,

    I am your Aunt Kate's coworker and she told me that you were collecting messages from those in other states or countries. I wanted to send you a message from THE OLYMPICS!!! I heard you watched the games and I thought you might want a shout out from Vancouver, BC! I attended hockey on Wednesday, curling on Thursday, and ski jumping today. You should check with Kate next week for a little Olympic gift from me to you = )

    I hope you're feeling well - it sounds like you and your family have inspired a lot of people! Sending well wishes and get well thoughts from the 2010 Winter Games!

    Ashley Schweickart

  9. I think it's awesome that you inspired people to do St. Baldrick's. It's also great that it's a fund-raiser for cancer research. Way to go Peachy Keens! Anyway, I think peach fuzz is cute!Hope you're feeling well and good wishes your way,

  10. I was looking at the purple photos and wondered if the purple toes could belong to Lolly??those toes look familiar---the toes and the flip flop that she breaks her neck in on a regular basis !!
    GiGi had a virus bug yesterday but is better today--we may have to postpone our trip for a bit until we are sure she is "Bug Free"--Hope you had a good weekend--give Georgia a hug for us.Love the photo with Will and the flag !

    Love you--give Ivy a kiss for us --
    Aunt Lee