Friday, February 26, 2010

All Creatures Great and Small

Happy Friday! Georgia had another LP-ITC yesterday, with bonus PEG shots, so she's been taking it easy today. She feels pretty good, just sore. Luckily, we're not due back at the clinic for a week, so she can recharge until then. And after eating everything in sight while she was on the steroids, now she has hardly any appetite, but somehow always has room for popsicles or ice cream. Hmmm. The shift is totally normal and to be expected, and I'm pretty sure she's still growing like a weed in spite of it all. She's eyeing my shoes ever closer, willing her feet to grow just that little half a size more, after which, I will be shoeless.

In other news, seeing as Georgia has totally captivated the human world with her story, she is now inspiring our furry friends in the animal world as well:

Dear Georgia,

We have been thinking about you lately. Everyone in our family has your bracelets, and they even let us wear them! We are the talk of the neighborhood! All of our fellow furry friends are envious of us as we go for a walk around the neighborhood with your bracelets on.

I wonder if there are any other furry supporters of yours out there?

Do you think you could post our photo on your blog? While we do sleep a lot during the day, and our mom thinks that we are quite lazy, we think of you a lot. We “paws” to salute you.


Maggie and Penny

Your furry four-legged friends in St. Louis

I'd love to put a bracelet on our cat, JoJo, but I value my limbs and eyesight too much. That said, any other animal fans out there? Send us your picture and we'll post it here!

Have a great weekend, and please remember to Keep Georgia on Your Mind!


  1. My dogs Buddy and Lucy would probably pose for a pic! Maybe we can get them to wear bracelets too!:)

  2. Wow Georgia you even have animals you inspire!!
    keep rockin' on,

  3. hey Georgia. I think Lincoln would love your awesome bracelet. have a great day and stay awesome.

  4. Hi Georgis,Well you are killing me girl. I learned how to send a comment ,then I figured out how to send a FLIP movie to you,then I mastered linking the clips to make a long movie and now you want me to join some facebook thing!!!!What's next? That twitter,tweety,chirping thing,or texting....I can hardly get call waiting to work...Well the truth is I can't get it to work...I have Simon and Nelson this weekend because Bryan and Kimber are in "Vagas Baby" Have to leave for church ,talk later. Aunt Shearin

  5. Hey Georgia, I am a friend of your Grandma's. We are in book club together. I think about you all the time. I am so glad you are a big reader and animal lover! We have a lot in common. I have a basset hound. I want to get a bracelet. How do I do it? Let me know if you get this comment. We are all thinking of you. Keep eating ice cream! Love, Julie Beck

  6. Hi Georgia!!! We think of you all the time and we're sending you lots of love and many hugs. Johnny and Dylan are working on a new list of jokes and riddles and we'll start sending those again soon!!!

  7. Hi to Georgia and Company !
    Love the photos of you and Ivy playing in the snow. I am about ready for Spring though, and I bet you are ,too. Gigi , Shearin , and I are going to try and come and see you this weekend--We will let you know for sure later in the week. We had to be sure everyone was well and would not bring you any unwanted "bugs" !
    We love you and are thinking about you everyday ! We can not wait to see you--please let us know if there is something special you would like us to bring to you--Love you, Aunt Lee

  8. Hi from Simon's class!

  9. Hey Georgia I thought you might like to see me in my first Halloween costume as the tooth fairy (in my profile picture).
    Lots of love,

    - Kimber

  10. Hi Georgia! We are in Utah but we still have you on our minds! It is very snowy here and very mountainous but does not seem that cold. Uncle Jeff has been skiing a couple of times and loves it and today they went geocaching which is like modern day treasure hunting-- using an iPhone of course! Owen is leading a bunch of big boy things from his two older cousins. Today he said "your're being bossy" andthen later on told me that he was watching "scooby doo" and it was scary! Evelyn is being awfully cute and ate some scrambled eggs! We can't wait to see you when we get back to Texas.

    Aunt Meghan

  11. Miss Georgia,I adore animals,too ! I have the cutest maltipoo. His name is "Little Guy" which is a long story. My daughter found him in Austin 9 years ago with a broken leg.If I get to see you I will tell you the whole story.I call him the "miracle dog" ! I am working on a project for you. It has been so much fun ! I am hoping to get it to you during Spring Break because I will be in Austin taking care of my 2 year old grandaughter while the rest of her family goes skiing.Tell Lolly hello for me. I am keeping Georgia on my mind and the rest of your family daily. God Bless, Sandy Mangum

  12. Hey Georgia! I enjoyed meeting you at the "Once upon a time" gathering last Friday, as well as your dad, grandmother, and Ivy. Thanks for helping us out with the play. You were great! I really liked your idea about the octopus. And I look forward to playing with you again when we meet again this summer. Please tell other kids about this!


    Doc Ayres