Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It's been a busy week, and the biggest and best part was celebrating Ivy's 12th birthday! First, we had bookend birthday cakes at home:

 Traditional birthday morning wake-up call

 More cake - and presents! - after dinner

Then, the whole crew plus Ivy's friend, Eden, went on a high-flying adventure - indoor skydiving! It was such a blast, but actually, it was also a bit of a workout! Everyone enjoyed it, though, as you can see ...

The Flying Ivy!

The Flying Georgia!

Really, really fun - y'all should try it! Back on Earth, Georgia shared one of her poems from creative writing camp at the Badgerdog anthology book release. Ivy had choir rehearsal that morning, so she missed the reading (and the picture : )), but Cousin Claire was there to get her book!

On Sunday, Georgia and her brave, sweet daddy went to the ACL Music Festival at Zilker Park. This was their second adventure, and again, they met up with her friends and their parents and had a wonderful time. We love Austin, Texas!


This is Homecoming Week at Ann Richards, so among the dress up days they had was Decades Day. Our 20s and 50s girls say, "It's the berries, Daddy-O!"

And finally, I'm off to Las Vegas tomorrow for the Circus Couture St. Baldrick's event I attended last year. I'll be meeting up with my best Momma partner-in-crime, Alyson, and we'll be doing some groundwork for bringing the 46 Mommas to Vegas this summer for our Lucky 7 shave! We're so excited about this great opportunity - especially because we'll hit TWO million dollars raised next year! - so stay tuned for more details. Until then, thanks for Keepin' Georgia on Your Mind ... and Viva Las Mommas!

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