Wednesday, October 21, 2015

35 Million Thank Yous!

Thanks to your support of the Peachy Keens this year, you've helped the St. Baldrick's Foundation raise $35 million for life-saving research! And if you look closely, you can see Georgia holding up the 35 banner in this picture, taken at the rocket launch we went to last month. We're all in there somewhere, celebrating this huge milestone and saying thank you to our generous donors.

Georgia has a survivorship appointment next week and will hit 42 months off treatment the next day - 3.5 years! Every day further from her last chemo is one day closer to the 5 year mark, and we can almost taste it at this point. She's doing so, so well, and we desperately want the same outcome for every kid diagnosed with cancer. So we'll keep doing what we can to hit more fundraising milestones and see more pictures like this. Next stop: $36 million!

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