Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grandparents Day

I've said it before, but this grandfather's post from the St. Baldrick's blog perfectly illustrates how childhood cancer affects the whole family. I'll never forget calling my dad right after being sent from the pediatrician's office to the hospital for an official diagnosis, and before I could say more than a few words, he just calmly said, over and over, "I'm coming." And he did come, and so did my mom. And so did Trevor's parents, who, quite fortuitously, had just moved to Austin two months before and were then living within earshot of the hospital. We all came together for Georgia and Ivy, for one of the most important, most difficult moments in our lives - and we made it through together.

So to Lolly, Poppa, Romy, and Ratty, we say thank you for your continued love and support. We love you and are so blessed and grateful to be able to call you "ours."

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