Sunday, September 29, 2013

17 Months OT!

What better way to close out Childhood Cancer Awareness Month than by celebrating Georgia's 17th month off treatment?! She continues to grow stronger - and taller! - each day, and she greets every one of her increasingly busy days with a smile. In the last week alone, she represented the NJHS at the annual school fundraiser, had her first play rehearsal, and was selected as a student ambassador for tours and community events involving the Ann Richards School. Oh, and she and Ivy both read their creative writing pieces for a crowd of 500 people at the Austin Teen Book Festival! It was such a wonderful event - Georgia made us laugh, Ivy made us cry, and they both made us very proud!

Georgia, classmate Mireya, and their writing teacher, Taya

The incredible Mrs. Mauser, aka Magical Ninja Librarian from ARS

 Sharing her piece, "Man vs. Zombie: A Polite and Dignified Conversation."

The house was packed, and as it happens, there was a family sitting right in front of us who had lost their little boy to neuroblastoma. His sister shared a beautiful poem about his journey, and I had the privilege of visiting with his parents afterwards. We talked about their son, about Georgia, and about the clear impact of childhood cancer on siblings. We also talked about the critical need for research, especially for cancers like neuroblastoma, which very often goes undiagnosed until it's quite advanced and extremely difficult to fight. One of the excuses - I mean, "reasons" - Big Pharma gives for its lack of attention to childhood cancer as a whole is because "it's so rare." Really? I know of at least two families in that room yesterday who would disagree.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but any month, every month, you can do SOMETHING to help kids and families in the fight. Thanks, y'all, and have a great week.

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