Friday, August 2, 2013

Speed Bump

Georgia has mono. She's had a sore throat and been pretty fatigued since Saturday, and when her intermittent fevers didn't stop, we went to the pediatrician yesterday to have her checked out. We suspected mono, and sure enough, we were right. Her counts were otherwise good-ish (she's slightly anemic), and we'll get further lab results by Monday. She has an endocrinology appointment Tuesday and a clinic appointment Thursday, so plenty of trained eyes will be reviewing everything - Mommy will make sure of that! For now, rest and fluids are helping, and we'll see what next week brings.

In happy news, Georgia had two pieces published on the Badgerdog student blog, Unbound. One is a poem inspired by another poem, and one is an excerpt from a graphic novel her camp group worked on together - cool stuff! Also, she was invited to do another radio interview for the Make-A-Wish fall fundraising campaign. She had a great time with it two years ago and is honored to be asked to participate again. Recently, we've had many friends making or enjoying their own wishes, so we're always happy to support this great organization!

Looking forward to a restful weekend, and grateful for any thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Thanks, y'all!

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