Sunday, August 18, 2013

R and R

So even though Georgia didn't get to go to camp, she hasn't exactly been quarantined! She actually had a lovely, restful week with Lolly and Poppa, and Ivy, too, in San Antonio - watching movies, playing games, and, of course, reading! On Thursday, they headed down to the coast for a few days in Rockport. I think the sun and sand agree with both of them - just what the doctor ordered:

I'm sure there will be more tales to tell and pictures to share when they come home on Tuesday. Overall, it's been a wonderful summer, but I know Georgia is excited to get back to school, which starts in one week! She'll have to take it easy for the first month or so, but she's used to that and still manages to keep up with everyone and everything. Who am I kidding? She's usually leading the pack!

Thanks for all the well wishes and notes of encouragement. Our girl is doing great - she really, really is.

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