Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back in the Saddle

School starts tomorrow - which means 8th grade for Georgia! She's raring to go, as you can see:

"Modeling" her new tennis shoes.

We're going to play it by ear as far as PE is concerned - if it seems like it's still too much, she can switch her class to next semester. And as soon as she's up to it, you better believe she'll be back in the pool!

Also, just one week away is September and ... Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. As always, throughout the month, we'll tell you about ways to raise awareness, hope, and funds for research, and we would so appreciate your support. Back-to-school time can be especially hard for kids in treatment and for families who have lost their fighters, and our goal is to one day eliminate the need for a month or even a day dedicated to childhood cancer. With your help, we can fund safer, less toxic treatments and, ultimately, cures - so let's get busy this September and CONQUER childhood cancer!

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