Thursday, March 29, 2012

Start Your Engines ...

We are ONE MONTH from Georgia's last day of treatment!!! That finish line is literally within sight today, and we've got lots of plans and lots of news to share with you from now until Georgia blasts across it, victorious! Can you hear us cheering? Well, it's only going to get louder as April 29th approaches since we'll be doing like we always do - making a Big.Dang.Party. out of every little step!

In fact, April 29th is going to be a jam-packed day of celebrating with our third annual blood drive and second annual children's art show. We'll get you more details on those events soon. And it seems that there's something about the number 29 as July 29th is the 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave in Los Angeles, and September 29th is the Austin CureSearch Walk! I just know it means that 29 is lucky!

And speaking of lucky, our family certainly feels that way. To have so many of you stand beside Georgia since December 31, 2009 is something we never could have imagined and can't say thank you enough for. You have helped keep her on the road to the recovery and we're ... almost ... there! Georgia love to all of you!!!


  1. Will and I could not have picked a more fitting event...than to have the TRI in Austin on Memorial Day...what a way for us to celebrate her journey and crossing the finish line! Also, Will's company in the Dallas office raised more than $50,000 last Thursday for St. Baldricks! It was an awesome evening.

  2. Fantastic News!! I would love to do the Austin CureSearch Walk. Sounds fun!