Saturday, March 24, 2012

Major Award

No, Georgia didn't get a leg lamp like in "A Christmas Story," but she did win a prize package for placing 3rd in her age group for a city-wide flood safety poster contest! Her wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Fernandez, invited her middle school students to participate, and three of the 12 winners were Ann Richards girls - how 'bout them apples? Besides a Target gift card and a plaque made with a copy of her poster, Georgia (and two special guests : )) also received a very special treat - a ride in an Austin Fire Department swift water rescue boat. At a press conference this morning with all of the winners, the rescue team did various demonstrations, including a helicopter rescue where they hoisted a "victim" out of the river and flew him to safety. It was quite impressive!

Rescue Team

The Artist and Her Work

Good Morning, Mr. Mayor

Mrs. Fernandez, Art Teacher Extraordinaire

Checking out Star Flight

The Award-Winning Poster

 And here's a bit of our awesome boat ride - what a way to wake up in the morning!

The festivities came on the tail end of a bit of a rough week for Georgia as she had been having some pain around her port site. She's usually a little tender for a while right after she gets de-accessed, but this felt different and made it difficult for her to sleep comfortably or even breathe normally. So Tuesday, we went to the clinic to check it out, and a chest x-ray showed that nothing was amiss with the port itself or anything around it, so we're chocking it up to a muscle strain that was probably aggravated by the port being there. She's been on ibuprofen ever since and says it's feeling much, much better - almost "back to normal." How wonderful that sounds!!!

Just about a month to go ... : )

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