Friday, March 9, 2012

Cowtown Bound

We're heading to Fort Worth for Spring Break and looking forward to seeing all that the city's wonderful museums have to offer. It's just a quick trip, as we like to "vacation" at home as much as anywhere else, but it will be an adventure nonetheless!

Georgia's appointment went well yesterday - we're keeping her meds the same and scheduled her LAST day surgery for April! She's already working on her note for Dr. Neff because it's got to be a doozie. We joked that maybe she would get an actual tattoo on her back for the last one - just kidding, grandparents! It was a great visit, and Georgia couldn't wait to get to school right after her IV meds. Nothing gets between that girl and her schoolwork!

When we got home, there was a package for Georgia from one of my fellow 46 Mommas, Audra. She's shaving for her precious boy, Max, who has been battling a brain tumor for the past seven months. The family started a nonprofit, Max's Love Project, to provide "uplifting, supportive, and therapeutic resources to SuperKids fighting cancer," and Georgia received one of their beautiful wooden heart necklaces, complete with a glittery lightning bolt. Extra perfect for our Harry Potter fan! Check out their website and Facebook page - the amount of love and hope they've been able to share in such a short time is truly inspiring. Thank you, Audra and SuperMax!!!

Have a LOVELY Spring Break, y'all!


  1. Enjoy your spring break, I know I will! Love, Claire:-)

  2. She is more beautiful with every photo posted : ) Hope you all enjoyed Spring Break. Love, The Bacons

  3. So sorry we missed this post! We're catching up now after a brief period or craziness. Thank you so much for posting about what we're up to and the little gift we sent beautiful Georgia! YOu all are so inspiring to us! So much joy, so many gorgeous smiles... Georgia, Max just started to get into Harry Potter! His daddy is reading the first book to him now. The who narrative of the scar and superpowers is really sticking with our little guy. We really hope you guys can meet someday! With LOVE and HUGS, Audra

  4. Courtney, did my donation go through? Wasn't sure I completed the process. Love, Beverly